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Male German voice unable to speak slowly?

I've noticed that the male voice in the German lesson cannot be played slowly; only at normal speed. This makes it difficult to make out some of the pronunciation, especially when the words overlap. Is this a glitch that's known and can be fixed?


December 6, 2017



yep, a whole lotta people have been noticing that theres a bug in the slow-speaking german voice.


At this point, is it helpful to have more people report the problem, or do you think the problem is now well known to the Duolingo developers?


Not only is that voice fast, but the pronunciation is too throaty, hard to make out, and entirely atrocious. I cringe each time I hear the male voice.


Yes, I reported this problem lots of times...


Let's write several emails for them reporting this problem. Maybe they'll fix it. I left several messages on twitter, but so far it has not resolved.


Noticed that too, hoping it will be resolved soon enough, although being forced to listen to the normal paced voice can prove to be a good practice.

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