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  5. "Hallo, ich rede mit Ihnen!"

"Hallo, ich rede mit Ihnen!"

Translation:Hello, I am talking to you!

December 6, 2017



Hallo, ich rede mit Ihnen, McFly!


Is there a reason that this sentence sounds really sassy and rude, but the formal is used?


Well, the situation would be this: you're trying to get the attention of some person you use the formal with, but they act as if they hadn't heard you (and maybe they haven't). You get a bit impatient or even angry. So you're saying this sassy sentence, but, yes, you'd still use the formal.

If you switched to informal just because somebody ignores you, it would make you look quite choleric. Normally, if you decide to aggressively rant at strangers (or e.g. an employee of yours) and call them names for e.g. spilling their drink over you, or (a waiter) overhearing your call at the restaurant, or refusing to stop whatever you don't like them doing (e.g. on the train), you'd still stick to the formal address.


I've moved to Germany recently and I sometimes hear people do that "Hallo". It is very rude when it is used this way.


Why is it not "them"?it can be translated as both...


Capitalized "Ihnen" is "you." Lowercase "ihnen" is "them."


Hallo, I'm talking to you ! Was not good? Why not?


This course expects "hello" in English, not "hallo".


From experience, I'll say this sentence personifies the typical German rudeness :D

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