"Shopping is a pleasant activity."

Translation:Cumpărăturile sunt o activitate plăcută.

December 6, 2017

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Why "cumpărătul" is not an option here? Mulțumesc!


I don't think that word exists.


it's "cumpăratul" and imho it should work like "cumpăratul este o activitate plăcută" for shopping is a pleasant activity


Why is sunt used? Is shopping always a plural noun? And if so, why?


Cumpărătură is buying one thing. Shopping is buying several things, hence cumpărături.


isn't it "fac cumpărături" or "a face cumpărături" if it's meant to be used as a verb? otherwise "cumpărătură" would be one bought thing, a thing that you bought( or are in the process of buying), or "cumpărături" the things that you bought. So in retrospect, "Shopping is a pleasant activity." might translate to " A face cumpărături este o activitate plăcută" but that doesn't sound too well, maybe: "Făcutul de cumpărături este o activitate plăcută", even though it sounds a bit odd, it would be the right translation imho. Ofc, "Cumpăratul este o activitate plăcută" might be the neatest and most idiomatic. Just my opinion, could be wrong...

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