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New update??

I noticed something when I opened the Duolingo app. There’s no more health and no more gems, only lingots. Instead of health there is just a “strengthen your skills” page? I mean, I’m not complaining, I hated the health system, but is anyone else experiencing this?

December 6, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Hallelujah! Finally DL is coming to its senses! They finally stopped this money grab. Does anyone else see it gone too?


    It’s been like that for me for months.


    You were probably not part of the A/B test, myself included.


    At long last!


    Perhaps you were removed from the A/B test, because I tested it with my sister's account and she still has health. Either that or my version of Duolingo is buggy.

    [deactivated user]

      DL just posted on FB a message telling us language learners to not be embarassed of mistakes. Turns out they're not hypocrites after all. What I don't find fair is that all those users who've poured money down the hole for their health/gems had done so in futility.


      I deleted and redownloaded the app, and when I did, I was no longer on that horrific Health/gem A/B test! But that was a while ago...


      It probably it not only IOS app version dependent, but your signed in DuoLingo account is put into an A/B test group.

      IMHO there is no easy way, just re-install an app (this deletes all data directories, at least on Android) and to think/hope, that this alone might get you out of the health / gem A/B test group...

      Well, if you would downgrade to a much older IOS app version, which would have no health / gem support, then yes, you might see it gone.
      As I learned, there is no way on IOS to downgrade to a previous app version*; you are forced** to either use the current installed app version (a backup might be wise) or to download (auto-DL/upgrade if the wrong store settings are applied!!!) the LATEST version from the store.

      This is one reason I would throw away those IOS stuff....even it might be safer.

      Android let's you manually install any APK app files, so you can actually DOWNGRADE to a previous (older) version.

      The DuoLingo app team seems - as the web team - to periodically release not tested / QS assurred early alpha/beta software; this was/is the same on Android!
      Or can't remember the "inspirational owl messages between lessons"? Yes, new feature. Crashed!! Needed bugfixing and new app version release.

      My opinion:

      • Never ever change a running system WITHOUT BACKUPS!!!

      • Don't be too fast with upgrades (DL seems to release new app versions without concrete / full history/changelog in a 2-4 week period).

      • Don't upgrade a running system, (to a new alpha release, containg new bugs, crashes, etc.) if you can't manually downgrade the app.

      • Don't expect that new app releases are stable / final and QS tested!
        Programmers are still humans. They WILL make errors!


      Never had the DL app so I can't speak toward gems and health. However, I can send you a Lingot......because that's what they are good for. :)


      I've been Duo'ing for 400 days on laptop and App.. never seen these 'gems' or 'health'.. I guess Lucky Me?


      The website - because of typing (and missing level modes) - luckily never had that stuff.

      A learner SHOULD be allowed to make his/her own errors, especially with typing (e.g verb tenses, conjugations, etc.) AND learn from his/her previous made errors.

      Tapping might be nice for the 1st learning run (very easy/easy level mode) or if you still have severe trouble with a few grammar skills and you need a little bit more help to get through...

      But common DuoLingo staff:

      Just don't tell me that you really believe that someone can 100% learn and review with it on the 2nd/3rd/4th.... repetitive run - on an intermediate/advanced level (e.g 75-100% completed tree) - with all the ready printed text on the brick stones.

      You even made the Android app worse after new version releases, by showing the first 3-5 words of the beginning.....or even the FULL SOLUTION to a longer sentence with more contained words.
      There is no setting, I can not turn this crap OFF!!!

      Not every DuoLingo user is a kid or teen <18-21 years old.

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