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  5. "What are they like?"

"What are they like?"

Translation:Jací jsou?

December 6, 2017



So just to make sure I'm on the right track - this is "What are they like?" referring to men, right? If I were asking, "What are they like?" about women, then Jak would decline to "jaké" - is that correct? Thanks for any replies.


"jaké jsou" is also accepted, actually


why is "ona" not one of the suggested meaning?


it is. There are several options with 'ona'. Do you remember your entire sentence?


Why not "To jsou jaci"?


It does not make any sense, so I must ask why not and I can't really say any specific why not. It is just completely wrong.


So, "jaka jsou" would indicate the "they" is a neutral group of objects (strome, stroje, etc.) and Jake jsou indicates a masculine "they"? And this is not in the accusative, right?


No, it is not accusative. It is nominative plural. The verb být "to be" does not use accusative, it is a copula verb (that is true also in English) and uses a noun predicate in nominative or instrumental (later in this course).

Jací - masc. anim.

Jaké - masc. inanim., fem.

Jaká - neut.


No, wait, it IS in the accusative because of the "Jake" is pl. acc. m an., m. inan., and fem. AAARRGGGHHHH! BRAIN MELT DOWN!

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