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Hawaiian vs. Maori

Hello everyone! Welcome back our next challenge of the Versus Series is Hawaiian vs. Maori!!!

In case you are unfamiliar with this challenge here is the discussion were we talked about it and the other competitions are here as well: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25125242


We are going to put each language to challenge each other in 3 categories. 1. How it sounds (spoken) 2. How is sings (sung) 3. How it looks (written)

Now, what you have to do is vote! Choose who's your winner in this round. DON'T FORGET: we would like you to write in great detail why you chose the language you voted for. Let's start!

Hawaiian -

  1. Spoken: https://youtu.be/tb-EzzoRrk4
  2. Sung: https://youtu.be/5pHQyrurdsk
  3. Written: Hānau kū'oko'a 'ia nā kānaka apau loa, a ua kau like ka hanohano a me nā pono kīvila ma luna o kākou pākahi. Ua ku'u mai ka no'ono'o pono a me ka 'ike pono ma luna o kākou, no laila, e aloha kākou kekahi i kekahi.

Maori -

  1. Spoken: https://youtu.be/pBksbW_fXKo
  2. Sung: https://youtu.be/yblB87dpJGc
  3. Written: Ko te katoa o nga tangata i te whanaungatanga mai e watea ana i nga here katoa; e tauriterite ana hoki nga mana me nga tika. E whakawhiwhia ana hoki ki a ratou te ngakau whai whakaaro me te hinengaro mohio ki te tika me te he, a e tika ana kia meinga te mahi a tetahi ki tetahi me ma roto atu i te wairua o te noho tahi, ano he teina he tuakana i ringa i te whakaaro kotahi.
December 6, 2017


[deactivated user]

    My vote goes to Maori because even though it's in the same language family as Hawaiian. I feel like Hawaiian is limited to the 13 letters, that it doesn't have the wide range of sounds that Maori has.

    1. Spoken: The winner in this round is Hawaiian because I love how there is a vowel sound between constant sounds giving it a flowy texture. I also love hearing those "h" and "k" sounds which always reminds me of Hawaiian!
    2. Sung: The winner in this round is Maori! For some reason this language sounds so beautiful sung that it gave me the chills.
    3. Written: This round was tough for me because they both kind of look the same however Maori seems to have more letters than Hawaiian. The winner for me is going to have to be Hawaiian because I think that "ā" and "ū" make it look cool!

    Hawaiian is the winner!


    Māori has a, e, i, o, and u with a macron on top and without. The macrons seem to have been dropped from the sample text for Māori. Many don't type with them because it is difficult to on a computer keyboard.


    This one is really hard. At first I wanted to say Hawaiian, but now I'm tending towards Maori. I really like written Hawaiian, but spoken and sung Maori is so beautiful. I think I have to go for Maori.


    Here's a spoken Maori without background interference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuDtbA2H4TI

    I really like the idea of Wikitongues...I just wish there were more videos with better quality audio. :/


    I feel like I’m very biased because I’m learning Hawaiian, but Hawaiian is the winner, no challenge :3


    I like both, but I'll choose Maori, mainly for the song in this case. It also maybe didn't help that the Hawaiian one clearly wasn't done by a native speaker

    1. Maori
    2. Maori
    3. Hawaiian
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