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  5. "Je Česko v Evropě?"

"Je Česko v Evropě?"

Translation:Is Czechia in Europe?

December 6, 2017



Very few British people are familiar with the name Czechia. They would nearly always say the Czech Republic, although they do say Slovakia. Is the name Czechia used in other English speaking countries such as the USA?


Czechia is the official short name for the Czech Republic. It's rather recent, the UN recognized this form as official in 2016, I think.

Obviously there's a difference between the Czech Republic/Česká republika and Czechia/Česko and we distinguish between the two of them, if that's what you are asking about.


For average Americans, we hear "Czech Republic" in radio and television news shows, never "Czechia". As someone wrote further down in this thread, to try to get average Americans to pronounce the "ch" sound, as in "chodí / Naše dědečci chodí do školy i v zimu" - yes, THAT "ch", would be a difficult endeavor. Sadly, most Americans get by easily knowing only one language, which makes them seem even more American to other Americans, so they don't even want to appear to know more. Heaven forbid they appear worldly. So it's likely that the USA will not adopt the newer/better name. My opinion only.


Honestly I am dubious if an average American knows about the existence of the country at all.

Anyway, these things take time. 15 or maybe even 10 years ago an average Turk in the eastern countryside would still use Çekoslovakya instead of Çek Cumhuriyeti...


VladaFu, I would guess that most Americans know that the Czech Republic is a country in Europe, and many would likely know that Prague is the capital city. Beyond that, probably not much. Also, I feel the need to clarify something - when I write about the "average American" it is purely a guess. America is huge. It truly is a melting pot of people and cultures from around the world, so anything and everything is possible. I live in a rural area (Vermont) where the population has not changed much for decades. People here are vastly different in their attitudes than people in more populated areas.


Most Czech people don't like the new terminology, especially since it sounds like Chechnya (not a very happy place!), in Russia. The use of Czechia hasn't caught on here in Canada. Czech Republic forever!


Most by which counting? I am using it quite hapilly. Only a total ignorant would confuse it with Chechnia, I do not care about those. BTW the Chzech Republic may soind similar to the Chechen Republic...

Ale, v Čechii jsou saláti, stejně vyhraje Rapid!


But nobody says "the Chechen Republic".

The main issue with Czechia is the great difficulty in imposing a word on a foreign language - particularly if you're including a sound that doesnt exist natively in that language (ch). There isn't any issue with Czech Republic as a name, and so Anglophones will probably continue using it.


Of course they do, when they refer to the Chechen Republic, it is a completely different country.

We are not imposing the Czech /ch/ sound to anyone, it is pronounced the same way as the Czech republic, the issue is very much the same. In English we pronounce it si /ček/ (cheque, check), not as /čech/ - Scottish people can pronounce it that way, if they so wish. Therefore Czechia is /čekija/ for English speakers.


I disagree, most people use word "Česko" meaning Czechia and "Česká republika" is used by native speakers in everyday use extremely rare. But there are only some pseudopatrotics who refuse the word Czechia for no reason...


I'm from the US and also find Czechia odd. I believe it's a name change that was legislated but has not yet caught on.

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