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  5. "Je Česko v Evropě?"

"Je Česko v Evropě?"

Translation:Is Czechia in Europe?

December 6, 2017



Very few British people are familiar with the name Czechia. They would nearly always say the Czech Republic, although they do say Slovakia. Is the name Czechia used in other English speaking countries such as the USA?


Czechia is the official short name for the Czech Republic. It's rather recent, the UN recognized this form as official in 2016, I think.

Obviously there's a difference between the Czech Republic/Česká republika and Czechia/Česko and we distinguish between the two of them, if that's what you are asking about.


Most Czech people don't like the new terminology, especially since it sounds like Chechnya (not a very happy place!), in Russia. The use of Czechia hasn't caught on here in Canada. Czech Republic forever!


Most by which counting? I am using it quite hapilly. Only a total ignorant would confuse it with Chechnia, I do not care about those. BTW the Chzech Republic may soind similar to the Chechen Republic...

Ale, v Čechii jsou saláti, stejně vyhraje Rapid!

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