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getting past 62% fluency

What does it take to get past 62% spanish fluency?

December 6, 2017



Don't worry about the fluency level. I've been doing Italian from English for 405 days and my fluency is at around 67%, while in case of the reverse tree (English from Italian) it is 75%, even though I've been doing it for about 200 days. Certainly it took me much less time to complete the reverse tree. I believe the fluency level doesn't have much to do with your knowledge of a language.


I'm not sure there is much past 62%. Some other courses have higher maximums, like the English from Spanish course (which I'd recommend btw, since it teaches new Spanish vocabulary) which can go as high as 80%, but I'm pretty sure the absolute maximum for Spanish would be under 72% (and the highest I've seen is mentioned is 65%).


I did a lot of testing out in the English for German speakers course, and even though I haven’t finished that course, my fluency was at 68 or 69%


A lot of practice, and showing that you can recall stuff by answering quickly and accurately.


I personally believe that using the "timed practice" option very often might help.


I agree with the above. I have been doing this for about 5 years pretty steadily and have recently been using the general strengthening skill. On my French from English tree, I have gotten to 71% and on me English from French tree, I am at 75%. It seems to me that the more I practice the general strengthening skills, the more progress I see on the fluency rating. On the computer, I have been working on the words tab, trying to get all my words gold, and I am wondering what effect that has on the fluency rating, too.


You won't be seeing it soon, because proficiency only goes up that high.


What does it take to get past 62% spanish fluency?

62% is near the upper limit of the fluency %, you can achieve for Spanish in Duolingo.

More information in:

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I'm not entirely sure, but I think it's not only dependent on your skill strengths, but also how well you know the language according to the algorithm. This means that you should avoid looking at hints and making too much mistakes, and it is possibly even connected to the speed in which you complete the exercises.

Sounds hard? Yeah, it is. But I suppose the fluency percentage would even be more useless than it already is if it didn't reflect somehow how good you are in a language, wouldn't it?

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