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Ojibway TV Goes Live December 12th!

Ojibway TV goes live on December 12th - The worlds first Indigenous language streaming service. We will be launching live from Winnipeg, Manitoba with a live stream via Apple TV. Here is a "behind the scenes with Frank Beauleau of Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation".

Click for more information.

PS I've only ever seen it spelled "Ojibwe" before. So, I looked it up and learned there are many ways to spell it. See more here. ^_^

December 6, 2017



That’s amazing! My best friend’s dad is interested in the Ojibwe language and so is my best friend, although they only know the basics from CDs.


Maughanster_, I was just browsing the Ojibwe tag on Twitter and it looks like there is a boom in learning resources.


That’s really great that a small language like Ojibwe is acknowledged and that there are lots of resources!


This is so cool! I hope that it opens the door for other indigenous language services.

As for the spelling, I’ve only ever seen it as “Ojibway”, which makes me think that there might be a difference in the common spelling between Canada (Ojibway) and the United States (Ojibwe).


"Ojibway" was in use in the U.S. when I was a kid 60 years ago and probably long before then, as was "Chippewa" (especially) or "Chippeway." For me, the newer spelling is "Ojibwe."


The mutability of language is endlessly fascinating. Thanks both of you for taking up the topic! I'm in the US and the new TV channel is Canadian. So, it makes sense that it would be "Ojibway". I definitely was't a kid 60 years ago. So, that could also be a factor.

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