"The girl drinks juices and she eats cakes."

Translation:Fata bea sucuri și ea mănâncă torturi.

December 6, 2017

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Can we please have some context as to what kind of cake it is? every time I put "tort" it marks it wrong and says it should be "prăjitură" and every time I put "prăjitură" it marks it wrong and says it should be "tort" >:( I have read https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/21623142 and know the differences between all of them, but these sentences give us no context? Who is to say "the girl drinks juices and eats little pastry cakes" vs layered cakes? We are left to flip a coin to guess which one it means :(


FWIW I put "fata bea sucuri si ea mananca torturi" and that was accepted

This lesson is in the Plurals section, and the plural of tort is torturi.

But, I came to the discussion because I had the same logic question you had. Namely, it does not make sense for anyone to be eating multiple "tort" in a single seating. The torturi I've seen in Romania were big deal things. As it says in the writeup you linked - a Tort is a big production. Perhaps a foot tall, a foot in diameter, multiple layers, with a frosting coating the outside, perhaps with fruit in it, and so on. No way anyone is going to eat multiple torturi at once.


I've lived in Romania for 11 years, tort is cake, not necessarily as grand as you're describing... it can be a single layer sponge or baked cheesecake, just like cake can have a wide meaning in English...

But you wouldn't say "Fata bea sucuri și ea mănâncă torturi" in Romanian just like we wouldn't say "The girl drinks juices and she eats cakes." in English... it's just to illustrate the lesson of plurality on the theme of food which we've been doing until now.

We'd obviously say "the girl's drinking juice and eating cake" and in Romanian, they'd say something similar... but the focus is on sucuri si torturi.


stupid test says i got it wrong


Me too, can't see any difference between my answer and its answer apart from the full stop. Grr!

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