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Error in German Course

I can't get any further with my German course because it keeps coming up with a question that can't be answered correctly.

It asks me to choose the correct missing word in '.......... Mann' It gives the following options 'ein' and 'eine'. It won't accept either of these options as correct, saying it should be 'Ein' with a capital 'E' but 'Ein' is not an available option. This means I can't get past this question because it just asks it over and over again! :(

Does anyone know how I can fix this or where I can contact Duolingo?

Thanks! (:

December 6, 2017



Thanks, hoping to have this fixed soon!


It is "ein Mann", "ein" without capital.


Maybe you could tell us what the lesson is to have a look at it.


if you have not tried this hover over your login name that is by your streak and lingots and click help then you can contact duolingo

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