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"Our child likes to read English books."


December 6, 2017



Would 英文 be a suitable substitute for 英语?


Why can't I translate this sentence without 的 after 我们?我们孩子。。。 There is no difference


usually that only works after a 1-syllable pronoun


What about 英国书? I.e. books FROM the UK as opposed to 英语书, books written in English?


英国书 really is a book from UK; you can use it if you mean it. Books in English language is 英文书 or 英语书.


I'm sorry, but it's yingyu shu is a book about English language, and yingwen shu is a book on English.

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what's wrong with: 我们的孩子在喜欢看英语书


在 means the action is continuous. 喜欢 means Like and same as in English this is a verb of emotions, which is intrinsically continuous. For a similar reason that it cannot be in continuous form in English, 在 cannot be used here. Removing this character will make the sentence perfectly correct.

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Thanks for the explanation. From the Tips, it sounded that any 'hobby' like activity could use the "在"... So, you are saying using the word "like" and 在 would be similar to a double negation which would not be proper Chinese, correct?


@ID-007 Sorry I missed your question. What I mean is, if we say "在喜欢什么什么", it is the same as to say "Be liking something" in English. They are both not acceptable for the same reason - Like cannot be used in continuous form.


no, its not correct, I'm chinese and that no one says that, doling is correct. 在 means, they are doing something or they are somewhere

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    To Read - 看 kàn Vs. 读 dú - What's the difference?


    《看》 is to read with eyes. 《读》 is to read with mouth (e.g. read out loud-->读课文(read the texts)), or read with mind (study-->读历史学(study history)). If you 《看一本书》, you are probably reading a book as a recreational thing. If you 《读一本书》, you are reading a book as you absorb knowledge from it. You might take notes. You might memorize something in it.


    Native speakers, do you prefer 英语书 or 英语的书?


    我們的兒子喜歡看英文書 Why is this not right?

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