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"Él tiene sesenta años" - help / maybe glitch?

Today while I was studying on the Duolingo iOS app, I answered the sentence "Él tiene sesenta años" with "He is sixty years old" and it marked it as incorrect (screenshot below).


Is adding "years old" to the end of that sentence incorrect for any reason? Or is there something else I'm missing? Because when I answered similar questions, it seemed to accept with or without "years old" after the age (screenshot below).


If the Spanish is correct and it's a glitch on iOS, I'll move this over to Troubleshooting. :)

edit: moved to troubleshooting, thanks everyone!

April 9, 2014



I suspect it is not the iOS app but the database which is incorrect. You should report this to DL so they can correct it.


Yeah it is right with "years old" on the end.

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