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Learn Classical Arabic Vowels الْعرَبية

Hey, I'm learning Classical Arabic and made a deck for those wanting to know the Vowels. They can be quite difficult and Arabic and be hard to understand without them!

December 6, 2017



A link would be helpful.


I don't get the use of the tanwin (-an, -in, -un), why to put them, if almost every word ends in -un. and yes, I couldn't read without short vowel marks, they are like my reading glasses in Arabic.

And btw, my favorite Arabic letter is the smiley face hehehe


So the tanwin is used when things are indefinite. As far as the 'un' part of your question, the 'un' sound indicates the indefinite nominative case. All the cases are very common. I'd guess you're seeing the 'un' more frequently because you're looking at beginner materials like flashcards which have words out of context.


Also, what's the differences between "alif accents"?

Example: Alif as in "Quran" Alif as in "A Hadha?" Alif as in "Allah"

How to differentiate them? I know, I think there's 6 alif accents, I only remembered three.


The marks you'll see with the alif are hamzas and maddas. They change the pronunciation. It sounds like you might be doing tajweed? If you are that can change things too. Good luck in your studies!

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