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When does en become et? (Norwegian)

This has been confusing me for quite a while because I'm so used to writing 'en' instead of 'et.'

December 6, 2017



It depends on the word. Some words use "et" (like barn, kjøtt, etc) while the rest use "en" (like hund, katt, etc). You simply have to memorize which is used when learning vocabulary.


Also in the future, please post questions or comments regarding Norwegian here.


You might want to see Deliciae's comment here:



I'd also recommend that, though I may be ever so slightly biased.


They are genders, kind of like in spanish or in french. The only difference is norwegian has three! (Masculine, Feminine, and Neuter)

SO it is really En, Et, and Ei

Edit: I realize that my comment wasn't clear. En= Masculine, Et= Neuter, and Ei= Feminine. However, all feminine nouns can be masculine. For example, "a book" is "Ei bok" but you can also just use "en bok"


Oh yes, I forgot about Ei. Thanks.


Unfortunately, it IS pretty easy to forget! I honestly forgot that it even existed until I was almost done with the tree!


I always remember the nouns TOGETHER with the articles cause it's really easy to get confused...and I don't find any "rules" about how to decide the articles. So it's better to remember them with the nouns, I think.

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