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The Finnish Language suggestion thread has been hit hard with downvotes!

For those who don't know, for the past few days various threads have been receiving massive amounts of vote changes. The first thread was the Latin request thread (I think). It used to have around 2000+ upvotes, now it only has 80. The Activity Streams announcement used to have around -200 votes, now it has 1 upvote (i think. I only saw the new score once and it hasn't loaded for me since) The English for Georgian thread used to have around 700+ votes, now it has only 7.

It seems Finnish has been hit with this as well. Look at the thread now. It has 1 upvote, compared to the 2000+ upvotes it had in the past.

Something truly dubious is going on here. I suspect a user has a sockpuppet army that is downvoting all these threads. However, upvoting the Activity Streams announcement was weird, so who knows what's going on.

It's such a shame this had to happen to the Finnish thread (tbh I was anticipating it as well as some others) especially on Finland's 100th Independence Day. What do you think is happening?

December 6, 2017



To sum up, it seems that the number of votes for many threads seems to be closer to zero. This sounds like it could be just a bug, people's votes not counted (as opposed to sock-puppet votes in the other direction). I hope it is resolved soon.


My guess is that it's a bug. Someone recently linked to a thread where there even where old avatars in the comments that the users don't use anymore, so what shows up seems to sometimes be pretty random or old...


I find it really hard to imagine that someone would have such a strong interest in and focus on down-voting the Finnish thread that they would create 1,920+ sock puppets to do so and then go through and vote from each account. Even if they had already created the sock puppets, it sounds like a ridiculous amount of work.


Chances are if it was a sockpuppet army that did this, it would have to be automated.


> I find it really hard to imagine that someone would have such a strong interest in and focus on down-voting the Finnish thread that they would create . . .

The Finnish thread and the Latin thread, which were the two languages with the highest upvote counts.. It could be the doing of someone whose preferred language is/was a close runner up to the leaders (and who has a lot of socks).


Which would be fairly pointless as the position on the "leaderboard" clearly has no effect on the staff releasing courses.


Yes, and the activity stream announcement and then it makes no sense, why would anyone send their sock puppet army to upvote the thread? Instead of random ones to +1000 to actually disrupt the forums? Or the recent avatar announcement part 1.

This to me shows that it's most likely a glitch not a troll.


I was sooo hopeful for FI-->EN today...


I think everyone was. (insert sad face here)


We have 2 hours and 38 minutes left in the day (at least for EST). There's still hope,,,,,,

If Duolingo STILL does not open Finnish, I will have to do some thinking. Some serious thinking.


Very serious thinking. Let's hope Duolingo adds Finnish to the incubator before midnight (EST)! If I have to stay up that late, I shall, just because I'm not going to wait until tomorrow to know!


I think the downvote option should be removed and replaced with a "spam" button for reporting. This would leave us with three options: 1.) Upvote a discussion you like. 2.) Report a discussion which is off topic or inappropriate. 3.) Ignore a discussion you don't like or aren't interested in.


PolMicheal, you sir, are a genius!

Now, regarding OmegaGmaster's original post: could this situation be caused by some kind of a hack? Not sockpuppets (although, they could be involved), not meatpuppets, but someone writing code to specifically target discussions with lots of votes (in both directions)?
I should mention that coding is not my forte :)


No, the option of voting down replies that add no information and are not relevant to learning languages (in the phrase discussions) is important for keeping the useful content visible.


That weird moaning sound you hear is me...


Exactly. It's a combination of the both of us.


Now it shows the amount of upvotes at 3. Odd, very odd. Maybe it's a Duolingo conspiracy to make it look like Finnish isn't a highly requested language, although it is.


I was thinking that at one point, especially considering the Activity Streams announcement, which had 1 upvote the last time I checked it.


I don't think it was a result of downvoting. There were a number of posts that seemed to have lost over hundreds of upvotes. It's most likely as a result of a forum glitch.


That's also a possibility, I suppose. Either way it's sad to see Finnish's upvotes gone.


Then again, it would be odd if that was the case, since my upvote on the comment did not disappear. In fact, it's the reason why the whole thread has 1 upvote.


Hm but I only see me and my upvote. Maybe there is something wrong.


Now, at least for me shows 6 upvotes.


That's due to more people upvoting the thread again, which (possibly) confirms my beliefs about what happened.


Call me paranoid... But somehow only those language threads were totally downvoted, that Duolingo doesn't seem to want to implement anytime soon? The Chinese and Japanese threads are still doing fine. Maybe removing them from the very top of the thread list was an attempt to lower the user attention to those languages.


I was thinking the exact same thing, but I was too afraid to voice it. Coincidental 'glitch' if it is one (considering the anniversary and the hype recently on Finnish). But the Georgian thread also lost upvotes and I'm not quite sure that Duo would have the motivation to 'fix' that thread, but interesting enough. Thank you for being brave!


There's no way it's actual people doing this...there's no motivation, no amount of trolling would send someone on Duolingo (of all places) to do THAT MUCH work with all these accounts. It's close to impossible. What would somebody have against Duolingo, language learning isn't even a vaccuum for trolls in general. No, I think it's a glitch in the system or something.


Trust me, automation can and has done so much with little effort.


I think it's more likely that meatpuppets would have done this than sockpuppets. An example of meatpuppetry would be posting offsite and getting people from there to brigade a thread here with downvotes. Either way, I think a glitch is more probable because I can't imagine why someone would put that much effort into opposing a course teaching the Finnish language.


Possibly duolingo is working on the forums and they have reworked the up/downvote system.


Oh wow ... just read the other thread and got my hopes high up .... aaaaand crash and burn ... I'm not good with vocabulary-cards and Duolingo would be so great for learning especially learning the words together with the grammar. Ah well ... going to cry over the Christmas Dinner thinking of Finnish!


I gave an Upvote, and a lingot! At least the latter can't be taken away.


wanna bet? also, i see only the "PLUS" label for you now, minus the ring.


Seems like an A/B test. I see both the label and the ring...


I see neither. Possibly two different A/B tests?


They don't show up on mobile... I don't know if you are on mobile, but I see both!


I viewed it in desktop view of mobile and didn't see it.


I'm on desktop and I see no ring nor label.


I see no ring or label either, like OmegaGmaster and Multi0Lingual4.


An A/B/C test then. ;)

Edit: Ohh, just as I posted this, only the label is left. Good, it's much better than before!

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