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  5. "He became a successful man."

"He became a successful man."

Translation:Stal se z něj úspěšný člověk.

December 6, 2017



I don't understand what the "z nej" is referring to at all


"z něj" means very crudely "from him" ... There are two ways to say "I became ...", e.g. "I became a teacher": "Stala jsem se učitelkou" or "Stala se ze mne učitelka" ... the second one says something like "A teacher became of myself" ..so this "of myself", or "from me" is the same thing you're asking about, only in the first person. Hope this is a bit clearer.


That does make sense. However, since that bit of grammar has not been taught in a lesson at this point, and there is no drop down hint to suggest it, i don't think this is an appropriate question for this level.


So the Czech version could be EITHER "Stal se z něj úspěšní muž" OR "Stal se úspěšným mužem"? Is one better or more widely used than the other? Just curious.


why not uspesny muz, the general clovek is not really asked for by the english


Translations using muž and osoba also are accepted. Keep in mind that there is (very) rarely only one acceptable answer.


this sentenced is forced in english/ what is wrong with a translation: On se stal uspesny clovek


You could say "On se stal úspěšným člověkem." to be closer to the English wording. You need the instrumental case and it sounds formal.

The main translation given above (using "z něj" + nominative) is more natural in informal communication.


There is nothing wrong with the English sentence "He became a successful man." Perhaps one of the CZ natives on the team will answer your question about the CZ translation. But you might have a look at the comment from Iva818387 below, meanwhile.

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