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"The reception"

Translation:Der Empfang

December 6, 2017



Shouldn't 'die Rezeption' be accepted?


It's only for hotel receptions (front desk), and sometimes for the reaction e.g. a book gets from the public. I think the reception desk at a company wouldn't be called "Rezeption" (but "Empfang"); also, for mobile phone reception or the reception of guests it's "Empfang".

Not sure what Duo would like to make of this.


I made this mistake, too. I think without context, Rezeption should be accepted.


It is rather annoying how many Latin based German words are missing.

English does not only share its Germanic roots with German but also Latin, French and Greek is in both languages.


die Rezeption ist eine völlig korrekte Übersetzung. I will report it


“Die Rezeption“ has exactly the same meaning and should be accepted! One cannot know what exactly is the meaning in this context and therefore is is a correct translation.


Die Rezeption ist absolut korrekt, natürlich hängt es davon ab, ob z.B., die Hotelkette je nach Nationalität den Englischen oder Deutschen Begriff verwendet.

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