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Plus Avatars (round two)

Thanks for your feedback regarding the first version of the Duolingo Plus indicators. We’re listening, and we’ve just rolled out a new design for the forum avatars – check it out:

Old version:

New version:

Our goal is to publicly thank and highlight our awesome supporters, while also ensuring that users are able to easily identify staff and moderators who are in the forums to help. Your feedback and suggestions have been super helpful, so please keep them coming as we continue testing this concept. (Just a quick PSA to please be kind to one another when sharing opinions and building on suggestions.)

Plus subscribers, if you have specific concerns about your status indicators, how they are displayed, or about your Plus membership in general, you can send these over as a bug report for the team to review (make sure you select “purchase issue”).

Thanks everyone!

-Duolingo Team

December 6, 2017



On an implementation level (not talking about privacy, choice, etc) much better than the previous one! Too much different coloured circles is confusing! Not too enthusiastic about the new PLUS tag either though, I think I would prefer an icon above such a text, maybe something like

I would prefer something like that for teachers and hosts as well btw. Keep the coloured circles for admins, moderators and contributors =)


Some thoughts on that proposal, if curious newcomers googled "Duolingo heart" they would get a wash of articles about the old heart system, rather than plus. If people google "Duolingo plus", they're more likely to find what they are looking for.


Good point, the icon could be a plus of course to prevent that but I took the original one as presented by Duo in the original design... spelling it out in letters as proposed above is less prone to such misunderstandings, but I like the subtlety of a (small) icon better (or none at all, but I understand Duo wanting to have some more exposure to the Plus features).

Maybe the icon (or the flare, if that's what it is called) could be a link, directing users directly to a Plus-info-page, so there would be no need for Google at all? =) For that matter, it wouldn't surprise me if many people have no clue what 'MOD' behind your name means =) Could be a link as well to the help page about moderators or something...


A link to a page with info connected to the badges/rings/tags etc. to give info about Plus accounts, contributors, mods, hosts, and educators sounds awesome to me! (I'm not a developer so, the "awesome" from me is totally as someone who has no idea what kind of effort that would entail. But, if it's doable without much hassle and it would help support Duo and help new people navigate all of this stuff more easily, I'm for it! :D)


'Ministry of Defence', right?


Can you help me with something? I haven't been able to get a reply to my question. A few days ago I completed the last unit of Spanish Level 11 and was rewarded with a 'Trophy' and congratulations on having completed the Spanish Language Tree. The following morning a rec'd an email from Duolingo telling me that my new goal is Level 12. But, I can't access Level 12! That day I completed Level 11 in French and the same thing happened. Last night I completed Level 12 in German and, again, the same thing occurred. So now I've, apparently completed three language trees and cannot progress to another level although emails tell me that I'm supposed to do so. If I'm, in fact, 'done' with those languages I am in interested in going on to Italian. HELP!


Hi FrankEdger,

Levels correspond to XP, not movement through the tree (course). If you review skills you've already completed, you'll earn more XP and increase your level. To get to level 12 from 11, you'll need to earn 900 more XP. :)


Interesting, I just finished the Spanish language tree but didn't get an email and I wasn't aware there was more that I could progress through..???


They don't send an email. And it's not that there's more content - you just keep reviewing old content and accumulating more points until you hit 30,000 points and level 25. After that, you can keep getting points, but you don't achieve any higher levels.


Your suggestion looks good! Though I am not bothered by the new tag on white.

I would prefer if the teachers and hosts would be more subtle as well! It shouldn't be necessary to hover over a name to see if someone is a mod or a contributor even with the little flair (which you can only see in the thread itself and I wouldn't want them to appear in the overview either, it would be too much).


I do agree. I think the ring would be suitable only for mods and probably just in the forum they moderate. It would likely be useful also for contributors in the forum for the course the contribute to. And of course, for Duolingo staff. :)


That would be really good, because I would much prefer to appear as a "regular member" if I want to ask a question about a language I am learning. Also, I am not fluent in Welsh (sadly), but my grandmother was, so occasionally I feel I could make a useful comment, but I wouldn't want people to think it was definitive, as it would be from the course contributors


I think the ring would be suitable only for mods and probably just in the forum they moderate

It was how it was before but Duo started to imagine a new design (and the to some extent the Ambassador Program itself) with the goal to make all Ambassadors visible anywhere, as a way to promote schools.duolingo.com and events.duolingo.com, in particular.
So, this being the core goal, I don't see it happening they reverse the idea of "a ring for any ambassador anywhere on forums**, including the forums(°) themselves".
I see it less unlikely to happen that they one day update things and use different symbols (earth for everyone at the time) for each class of ambassadors. And they don't even have to imagine one symbol for each class: they already created them as you can see at the middle of this page.

(°) = https://www.duolingo.com/topic/..

P.S.: not saying they should not reverse the idea of "a ring for any ambassador anywhere on forums**, including the forums themselves", they should IMO, but that it'll (likely) not happen.


I'd personally prefer to see just the world icon on my profile pic (as it is now in the bottom right) for personal recognition, but without the entire ring around the image. I find more meaningful to have the entire ring as it appears now only in the forum where I moderate.

I'm not saying that I hate seeing the ring I have now, I just think it can be somehow misleading for others. :)


I'd definitely prefer different symbols (and would like different colours even more, but I get that it goes against the ambassador program) instead of having to hover over the names to see why they have a ring!

Even just shields (maybe in white like before) for the mods and contributors of the current subforum, so you can see it from the topic overview.


I totally agree with you.


:0 totally off topic but congrats on getting lvl 25 in 5 languages!


how do you do it?


You spend a ton of time and effort.

  • 1613

Wow, a real polyglot. It seems as though Brazil produces a lot of multi-lingual speakers.


You need to see LongHenry he has completed 12 trees!!


Congrats on learning 30 languages. I probably couldn't even do 2!


If it were that way and I already had Duolingo Plus, I'd cancel my subscription in order to get rid of the silly heart icon that would be obscuring half my avatar's face! :P


look at that! its even better


i totally agree with you


Much less confusing. I personally would not wish any such bifurcation of identitification, but I recognize that decision is out of my hands.


Looking better. Can we now get golden rings around our language flags for completed courses to show that we received our golden owl(s)?

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שלום דוד, האם העברית קשה מאוד?



Last thread, people were mad that you wasted time adding minor profile changes when Duolingo Plus functionality didn't work as advertised (ads still showing, lessons being unavailable for download).

Has that been fixed, or is this more time devoted to cosmetic changes when core functionality is still bugged?


If you check that discussion you can see them responding to those concerns.

As a software engineer myself, I think it is important to also ship smaller features while working on the bigger picture.


Their response was "submit a bug report"

Shipping a product without key features being functional, and then making up for it by adding cosmetic changes, is like selling the Mona Lisa without Mona Lisa in it and then painting a bird when people complain.


Ok, and now try to draw a comparison with somebody complaining about things he isn't experiencing himself but solely drew an opinion from hear-say, to use it as a weapon.

For all we know, the bug you complain about (but don't experience yourself) is limited to something like 1 in a million people or even just people who accidentally bought Plus on a "play store" account which is different from their Duolingo account. You're drawing conclusions based on hear-say, without having further background information and about something you're not experiencing yourself. 10/10, blindly jumping onto the hate train, congratulations, you're eligible for the "Ich habe es nicht gewusst" club. A club which has been gaining many members in "some countries" in recent years.


Sure, I'll draw your comparison. It's like hearing a bunch of people say "Star Wars Battlefront 2 is broken" and then going, "Gee, I can't wait to buy Star Wars Battlefront 2"

Unlike you, most of us realize that if we have the option of paying for a service, we want the service to work without exception. If I buy a playstation, the promise is that the system will turn on and play my games. Even if the internet goes down, or the Playstation shop closes, I can still do that basic thing. The promise of Duolingo Plus is that I won't see anymore ads and lessons will be available for download. It's not fulfilling its core functionality. Do you still need this explained to you?


I feel your pain. Still, kudos to the team for addressing something that the community voiced concerns about.


It's far-stretched to complain about unrelated things while this plus badge only took a rather minimal amount of time to implement. Besides, not the entire Duolingo team is focused on a single thing, like fixing bugs. Ultimately I see your post more as a compliment as it shows how far you have to reach to turn it in a bad thing. Especially because your comment abundantly makes it clear that you aren't experiencing any bugs with the ads yourself, thus that you're truly grasping at straws.


It's pathetic how attached your ego is to a service you use. Duolingo is a business, and your overly sensitive defense is unnecessary. There's a problem, and ignoring it will only hurt Duolingo in the long run.. Maybe instead of sweeping issues under the rug, you should be demanding they be fixed, even if you were one of the ones lucky enough not to have them.


My thoughts exactly. Have some lingots.


I like that the giant blue box has been removed! As well as the rings, (because like I said on the other discussion, it didn't say plus on discussions posted by plus members, all we could see was the ring)

I like it more than the other one :)


That's great! Just what a lot of us was suggesting! I'm gonna quote myself now... Everyone's happy! Thank you PLUS members... And you do have an option to turn it off now, because some PLUS members were asking for that, right?


Thanks! If rings keep getting handed out left right and centre it feels as if they loose meaning and this looks a lot more like a 'plus'. Not getting a ring, but still having a tag by your name that isn’t so in your face :)


The round II version doesn't seem to have been pushed on the profile pages (where "ring + circled heart + white-"plus"-on-blue-background flair" is still present.

Is it not plan to push the unambiguous version there too?

P.S.: Thx for having improved the design!


They're probably trying to change it on profile pages, too.

EDIT: I think they've changed it. I don't see the ring on zzrrome's profile.


I think they've changed it.

I checked, they are still there.

I don't see the ring on zzrrome's profile.

You're likely in the group of the A/B test (about the fact to indicate subscribers to Duo Plus) that doesn't have it.
Do you see the indicator of users being subscriber to Duollingo Plus anywhere?


No, can you give me the link to another subscriber's profile page? It would help a lot.


I think it would be better to make an option for a user to decide whether to show this PLUS thing next to his avatar or not.


Wait, people were mad because of the design?

...Maybe I should have read the comments there a little more.


amazing job duolingo


It doesn't make them look like Moderators or something, and gets the point across, its awsome!


Just wanted to say thank you for this awesome website.


Looking good- seems like a nice compromise between the different sides. :)


It's much, much better than the first version, a lot more subtle, but still gets the point across! Thanks for working with our feedback on it!

And I hope there's more time now to fix some of the discussion bugs like the notification bell. ;)


I hope that now this is over and done with (at least mostly), real issues on the site can be focused on now. I admit it looks much better than the old one.


Like I said a lot not so much in your face, agreed.


i love duolingo and this version is much better


Hi HelpfulDuo,

I've learned so much on Duolingo and I love having the opportunity to support the language courses, bots, podcasts, labs.

But I don't want any acknowledgment on my avatar. Could you please include an option not to publicly display the "PLUS" tag?



This is great! No, awesome! But... (Sorry to break the happiness here)... the old version is still on PLUS user's profiles.. Check these out: https://www.duolingo.com/SarahBecraft
https://www.duolingo.com/LeZacky https://www.duolingo.com/dlhgl I'm still really happy with the way you've made the PLUS user's tags on the forums, but are you planning on changing it on their profiles anytime in the near future? Just asking.. I know it won't bother anybody, it's not in the forums and very few people actually look at other people's accounts due to loss of the 'Activity' page, but I thought just thought I'd ask. :)


So like, these avatars seem inconsequential to me...and it seems that you all have put a lot of thought, effort, and resources into this plan and discussion. And, given that it doesn't seem rolled out yet, it seems likely that you're going to pour even more resources into this.

Meanwhile, many of the very basic bugs I have reported in the site, including ones that seem to me like they would take minimal resources to fix, have gone un-fixed.

Why are you prioritizing things in this way? I find it very insulting and frustrating to see the DuoLingo continually posting about new this and new that when they haven't addressed 80%+ of the bugs I've reported, including ones I reported months ago.

Please, stop doing new things until you catch up on the bugs. Please put more of your resources towards fixing what you already have.


Just a question... why is there an A/B test for this in the first place?


As any change: to be sure it doesn't impact negatively users' experience (with metrics such as: "are users coming (back) more, less, the same with the tested version?").
Duolingo doesn't want to lose its userbase.


Thanks for the new version! Thanks for the fixes. I like Duolingo a lot! In fact, I love this website/app!


I like the new version way better!


So, I was thinking about this just now, and I had mentioned it would be nice if the website had a clear location for paying for DuoLingo Plus (maybe in the store) because prior I could only find it through the App.

This leads me to another question: On DreamWidth (a LiveJournal clone), people wanted to be able to sponsor other users. DreamWidth created a way to randomly find accounts to gift paid services to, which I used to do once a month (after finding an account that was active, which was my only rule.)

Would DuoLingo consider implementing such a system for those who want to help DuoLingo thrive? Can there be an option for gifting Plus subscriptions to other users.

Thank you!


I feel like just the badge would be good as opposed to the ring, but the PLUS icon would be good for moderators that already have a ring and a badge. Maybe not, though.


it cool i guess ;-;


Maybe do something like this:



I recognize this text. :))


you guys should add characters


wait there were two kinds of dulingo do they have the old one still around >


Its a great site! Kudos to creators!


I feel the new avatar look so..... lame. The users may not see the big PLUS. I think the best is the Jersebas one.


What are Avatars? What are Plus Avatars?


cool i really want to get duolingo plus but it is quite expensive


What do all the different colors mean???


if you already have an account,how do you redo the placement test


You can reset your tree and redo the placement test.




alll you people follow me i am awsome

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