Dutch vs. German

I was having a lot of trouble learning German, so I switched to Dutch. It turns out they are a lot alike. But Dutch is easier to learn.

1 year ago


Very true, Dutch grammar is much simpler and Dutch is a little closer to English than German. The only caution is that if you decide to learn German later, you might get in a muddle as similar sounding words have a different meaning or a different gender in both languages. All the best :)

1 year ago

I tried both Dutch and German and I found out that I definitely wanted to learn German.

1 year ago

Yes your a Schultz so maybe your genes might be craving German instead of Dutch. I'm van Rooyen so I like Dutch but also German. What's also nice is that I already understand some words like Wiedersehen that's like sien weer in my native Afrikaans. French sounds most beautiful to my ears but I can't seem to remember much of it, much more difficult than English, Dutch or German. Succes with your language studies!

11 months ago
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