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Are you learning Korean because of K-Pop/K-Dramas?

Hello! I was wondering if any of you are learning Korean because of a love for K-Pop and or K-Dramas? Have you found it helpful to watch shows and movies that are in Korean? Or to listen to music in Korean? I'm wondering if my k-pop/k-drama obsession is going to help me learn me to speak Korean. Thank you!

December 6, 2017



Been watching K-dramas for 6 years now. But I want to learn Korean because subtitles are not going to appear magically when I finally get a chance to tick off S.Korea from my bucket list. PS: I am a BTS_Army


Haha yeees! I'm here bcs of Bangtan, like you fam. And btw seeing k-dramas help me with my pronuntiation since their voices are better than the computarized voice here in duo. I'm sorry if my english isn't good at all, i'm spanish native speaker. Kisses.


I love Bangtan too!!! I'm so proud of them and yep, I'm studying Korean for them. :D 방탄소년단 화이팅!!!! 사랑해!!!


Same!!!!!!! i'm an ARMY!!!


Annyeonghaseyo joneun bangtan sonyeondan hwanggeum maknae jeon jungkook imnida!


Annyeonghaseyo joneun bangtan sonyeondan hwanggeum maknae jeon jungkook imnida!!!!


No, not at all. I don't watch any Korean TV or listen to any Korean music.

For me what got me interested, I lived adjacent to a Korean neighborhood for a year and I really fell in love with the food. It drives me nuts now that I don't live next to an H-mart any more!!! I also have spent 10+ years of my life living in towns or regions that had at least some Korean people, so it's a language I tend to come into contact with at least occasionally in my daily life. I also have had a few friends who have been stationed in Korea in the armed forces at various points.

I don't know if I'm ever going to get conversational in it but it's a language that I'm curious about and that I've wanted to dabble in. I can see myself diving in and actually learning it if I get access to a tool that makes it more accessible (the DuoLingo course currently seems harder and less refined than many of the older, more established courses, but maybe this will change over time).


If you have access to Mango through your library, give it a try. I liked it quite well but my library discontinued it due to budget cuts :(


Thanks, my library doesn't have Mango but there's a library one district over and I have a friend there lol...and they have it and I've been thinking of sneaking in there and getting access through my friend's account.


me i like k_pop and k_ dramas too because korea is the best ^_^


I'm learning it because a) I take Tae Kwon Do and b) I try to learn at least something from every language the Olympics are at.


That's really cool (the Olympics reason).


I am learning so that I can have one more language under my belt. Also I have found that refining my Korean has helped in being able to communicate better with family.

Watching dramas and variety shows will only help if you already have a good understanding of Korean grammar and have a decent vocabulary.

Also to learn Korean though TV shows you have to watch A LOT! There were days when I would watch 7 hours of variety shows (mostly discussing difficult topics) to improve my Korean.

I suggest not starting to watch a lot of Korean TV until upper intermediate level. That way you will get the most use out of your time.


I'm learning because my grandmother is Korean and I wanted to learn her native language. I found K-pop and K-dramas during my search and I have fallen IN LOVE with so many K-dramas and K-pop bands!! I look forward to further studies.


yea, black pink is my favorite k-pop singers and in the future i plan to move to korea and try auditions for cube entertainment but because i was raised in canada i know nothing about korean (kdramas: The single wife)


OMG yes! And you have a pic of my bias right there! ARMY<3


At a previous job, I worked with an adorable little old woman who was from Korea, she would always talk to me in Korean, and since I didn't understand her, she'd always scold me, she wanted me to learn, so she wouldn't have to learn English to talk to me, and before I quit, I promised I'd learn, just for her. She was hilarious, I miss her every day.


No, but since I started learning I've gotten into watching dramas and listening to K-Rock (K-Pop just isn't for me). XD


I am learning Korean so I can sing EXO song as fast as they can. Also so I can teach my friend at school.


Your drama "obsession" may take you away from formal study, but it will definitely help you with pronunciation and comprehension, It will also give you cultural insight, and probably motivate you to spend more time in formal study so that you can better understand the dramas. You might try the Viki site and try to watch the dramas with hangul subtitles. And if you are really dedicated, you will take notes as you watch, though I must admit, I am usually too wrapped up in the story to take notes. Sign this petition to help bring Immersion back: https://www.change.org/p/duolingo-bring-back-duolingo-immersion-program


I started learning Korean because of K-dramas, and both pulled me into K-pop! Some of the songs have helped me memorize certain words and I keep recognizing a lot of words in the K-dramas I watch. I think both can help you retain the words you've already learned. So yes, your obsession will help you! ;)


I'm learning it because of bts


There are so many people who love tae!!! I love them all but if I HAD to pick one to be my bias it would be golden maknae jungkookie. :D He is so beautiful and talented.


I'm innocent about the Kpop world and I don't have any idea to go into it. But "tae" means "poop" in Filipino, that makes me curious on Kpop now.


hello, i'm actually korean-american and this is me trying to learn korean so i can communicate with my younger relatives, but if you study songs or scripts of dramas, it may help. simply watching wouldn't help much, unless you're an einstein. you would have to study how they speak, how they use words, etcetc :)


maybe....yeah but not only am i doing it cause i am in the bts army but because i learned a little bit of japanese so it seems really interesting to learn korean lmao


strong woman do bong soon is amazinggggggggggggggggg


yup! for bts lmao and because i plan to go to south korea in the future!


Me! I think you can learn Korean while watching K-Dramas or Korean videos!


At first, I wasn't helped by watching K-drama at all, but after a while I started to recognize words and phrases, so it has become increasingly helpful over time. (I don't listen to K-pop.)


No, I'm the opposite one, I study Hanggul (ONLY THE ALPHABET) to study North Korean (Memrise has it), one things of my bucket list is to enter North Korea


I'm learning koraen because I want to work in NCSOFT further


Yes! I am learning Korean because of my love for BTS! They compose such good songs but because I am not Korean it is hard for me to understand. I hope that me trying to learn Korean will help me understand the songs better... Fighting!


The main reason for me to learn korean is waiting for English subtitles for Korean entertainment shows is killing me.


I've learned a few words and expressions just from watching Korean Dramas, and nothing else but it's not much. But yes, I recently decided to look into learning Korean and it is because of the dramas and kpop :D


I am learning because my friends got me into k-pop and one of my friends is sending in an audition tape. she can speak korean pretty well and is pretty much self taught


I am learning it for a few reasons, but would include those two in mine! lol, I love the K-Dramas. My favorite was Goblin (Though I liked many others!) I also have a love of most of the food and am considering a trip to South Korea within the next three years. I'd like to be able to speak the language well enough to get around by myself and not have to rely on others.


I am for BTS. Jeon jungkook is bias and I have to learn it. I am the bts army member


I have been watching Korean dramas and listening to K-pop for 14 years but i started recently learning Korean because i wanna travel to Korea may be i am too old now but i will to try to be a K- pop star .... really wanna give it a try


yes i found it very helpful


No, not really. I am pretty much just learning it for fun :)


Started that way (not drama, but K-pop). But then I got really sick and tired of it, and kept on learning because I think the language itself is beautiful. Also fun language to learn.


i learn the korean because i like BTS


Hi, i have been watching korean drama for 3 years, it helps me a lot when i went in Seoul and Busan for a week! it's like you're living in a korean drama but without any subtitles, i was very surprised to understand so much words without studying any vocabulary, lessons or take lessons! i hope one day i will have the opportunity to watch k-drama directly in korean tv; it's my goal! .


Yeah actually its true... I just wanted to watch all the Korean dramas in korean and I also wished to study in Korea...That's the only reason.


totally! I love K-dramas and K-pop! I've definitely picked up more words and phrases watching K-dramas than using duolingo or listening to songs


It started with Dramas but now I want to go there so...gotta learn the language. :)


I agree! K-pop and one of my dearest friends have inspired me to start learning Korean




im learning it bcuz BTS ARMYS COME TO ME Jimin is my bias

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