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  5. "Byl tady v šest?"

"Byl tady v šest?"

Translation:Was he here at six?

December 6, 2017



What about "Was he here at six o'clock" ?


"...v šest hodin." I think DL uses "hodin" as an equivalent of "o'clock."


Correct answer given in lesson ends with o'clock, although only the tile for 'clock was shown without one for o


Only tiles for the main answer are shown. And then some random noise words. The main answer (shown at the top) does not contain "o'clock". Therefore, the most likely explanation is that the computer chose "'clock" as one of the random words. Your only option then is to just leave it there unused.


By the way, I strongly recommend typing in the answers instead of just clicking on the word-tiles. I can guarantee you'll learn much more that way!


Thank you. I was not aware that that was possible. I will try to use it in future.


In the web version of Duolingo, there's a button under most exercises that lets you toggle between "Use keyboard" and "Use word bank".

The phone app used to have a similar function, but now I see it's gone - instead, it forces you to tap word-tiles in some exercises and type in others...


Thank you. I will look for it tomorrow


Thanks for the hint! Although I have been using Duolingo Web for months now, I didn't know that we could switch between the two. I always thought that it would switch automatically after having earned three crowns in a respective course.

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