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(OT) Nuntii Latini (Classical Latin news broadcasts from Finland) ending this month.

As Latin was until recently the 2nd-most requested language on Duolingo, by upvotes, there are probably many people here who will find this of interest:

Yle’s Nuntii Latini to be broadcast for the last time in late December. (Yle is Finnish radio, and Nuntii Latini is a weekly new broadcast in Classical Latin that has been on the air for 28 years or so, and is available online.)

This has long been a source of clearly pronounced, well-written Latin with a uniquely Finnish slant on the news, including articles on world events as well as reports on such local news as elk (i.e., moose) causing driving hazards, etc. :) There is a "petition" online requesting (well, actually, demanding, in the English version) that the broadcasts continue, which can be signed until December 12 (there are also Finnish and Latin versions of the petition, if you prefer).

The last broadcast will be on December 21. Online there are archives with audio and text that go back several years (see the first link above), but the announcement does not say how long they will be available. Those who have interest in Latin may wish to browse through them while they are online.

December 6, 2017




I so enjoy these popping up in my podcast app each week.


Only a couple more weeks to go. The next installment will be broadcast/posted tomorrow.

About 10 years ago there was a book published w/ the first 20 years of NL articles. Maybe they'll publish a "complete" now.

On another subj.: you were absolutely right about the current display of "levels" on Duo, which we were discussing last week. Senility seems to have struck me yet again. Would have replied on the thread but the phone company sliced my Internet connection (rival company) and I was offline for a couple days and did not afterwards manage to locate the article.


Sadly, I will soon have to find out about any possible elk warnings in Finnish. :(


But I don't know Finnish! What shall I do? Drop back to old Nuntii Latini posts, or Olaus Magnus or Caesar to feed my read-about-elk habit, in Latin?


Nobody posted that here so far: they decided to continue until 2019 - that will make 30 years of Latin news in Finland.


Aw, what a shame! I'll go sign the petition now.


Good for you. It's definitely worth a try, although my guess is that the cancellation is a done deal.

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