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"We would always visit them in the evening."

Translation:Navštěvovali jsme je vždy večer.

December 6, 2017



why not navštívili bychom je vždy večer??? why past tense


Opakujici se dej v minulosti je mozne vyjadrit pomoci WOULD. Bereme tady take budouci podminku, i kdyz to "always" je v budouci podmince trosku divne.


Díky Kačenko za vysvětlení.


Could anyone explain the difference between "Stale" and "vzdy"? I tried "stale" with this sentence and it would not be accepted.


stále - either: always contiunuously; or: still, yet

vždy - on every occasion, every time


It seems to me the translation reads: We would visit them every evening. Does the Czech here have both meanings?


If the translation reads that way, it is not quite accurate. But note that the starting point in this exercise is English, so the translation should be something in Czech.

Anyway, there is a difference between all visits taking place in the evening and all evenings having a visit. The English sentence and its Czech translation shown above both mean the former.


Vždy jsme je navštívili večer. Is this also correct?

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