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Why was my discussion deleted?


I made a discussion with some resources to learn Finnish, to celebrate Finland's anniversary, but it was deleted. I can't understand why, I see at least one post with resources nearly every other day, and they are never deleted.

Here is the discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25460533

Can someone please explain this?


December 6, 2017



There was already a celebratory post created 2 hours before yours. It's possible a mod deleted yours for being redundant. Usually we don't do that unless there is a flood. There's no rule as to when to delete closely placed redundant posts though.

But, you're right, you weren't the one to delete your post. It's got a tag that indicates either staff or a mod deleted it. It's possible it was an accidental deletion too. In the future I recommend checking the forums before creating a new discussion. (I've totally overlooked a post even after searching before making mine. So, I know it's possible you did so before making yours.) Regardless, I'm sorry your post is gone and I don't have a concrete answer for you Woof. :(


It had resources for learning Finnish, too, it was not just a celebratory post.


Unfortunately, one of the bugs I'm experiencing is that the content of the mod deleted post is, well, [Deleted] instead of grey text :( So, I couldn't even double check the links to see if there was any answer among them. So, I'm still left puzzles about this situation.

I encourage Woof. to share those resource links in the other post though. I know there are many in our community anxious to learn Finnish. I would be sad for them not to have those resources.


I am one of those who wants to learn Finnish terribly badly. I hope Woof. will post the links again!


Crosses fingers Woof., will you post them?


I'll put the links in Mari's discussion, thanks for your answer Usagi :)


That has to be a mistake. You know the rules better than most of us here, and I've never known Duolingo to delete a post that gave information on learning a language.


Thanks Katred :)


Mine got deleted too! I searched and searched but could not find it. Until I saw this post. Thanks (sort of).


It's probably just a glitch in the system. I wouldn't worry.


For some reason, I can still access the discussion and see the comments, but it says in the corner of the discussion: "This discussion was deleted" and instead of the message I wrote, it says "[deleted]"


Maybe you could post the links again in another post?


The same thing just happened to me in the last 5 minutes. It was a discussion relative to the proper utilization of discussions. One response directed the user to the official DL policy thread. I added comments pointing out that tagging on to a past discussion does not get your idea out in front of current users, went to post, and found it deleted.


I cannot explain this. I can, however, offer sympathy and understanding. I have often put up language related jokes of the GP variety. They are often down voted by the trolls or removed by administration. I have seen several of your posts and think your comments are fine. Good luck and please accept this Christmas Lingot.


Thanks seacc3 :)


Sometimes a discussion is deleted even though the original post was fine, because someone else posted something on the discussion that was not okay.

First try all the links that you posted to make sure none of them are being hijacked to a wrong site.

Try to create a bug report through the Help button below (Scroll all the way down) Present the information to the powers that be again and ask if there is any reason for it to be deleted.
They may have you post the discussion again if the problem was not yours.


The comments of my discussion were:

"wow your learning so many languages"

"Me not really but my sister is"

"Yay Finland! :) Thanks so much for posting this. I thought I read somewhere that Finnish would be coming soon. Perhaps I'm misinformed, but I was under the impression that it would be added to the incubator in the coming months. What a shame! I can't believe that it's still not on here. I'm not learning it, but I know how highly anticipated it is and it's sad that Duo still isn't working on it. Meh. -_- Thanks for the post though, and once again, yay Finland!"

While the first two could be identified as spam, it still makes no sense that the moderators would delete the whole discussion and not just the comments.


Those would not be enough to delete it for. There may have been another post afterwards which might have caused the deletion and you might not have seen it yet. Then again, the deletion could have been a bug, so report it. Perhaps there is another post with the same information and they are streamlining. I just don't know.


This happens to me alot

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