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When to use 'nochmal' and when to user 'wieder'

Hi. Anyone know when I should use one of these instead of the other? Or is there no rule?

Liebe Grüße


December 6, 2017



Nochmal means the the single repetition of somthing. Even if the thing happens again a further time you see the single repetition.

Wieder may be used the same way but indeed it means repetion many times or always.

Er macht den gleichen Fehler nochmal = He made the same mistake again.

Er macht den gleichen Fehler wieder = He made the same mistake again (he often makes this mistake).

So a German Chrstmas song starts with “Alle Jahre wieder, kommt das Christuskind”. Wieder means indeed every year . Actuálly “Alle Jahre nochmal” would be completely wrong.

Ich bin nochmal da. = it may even mean the last time (if your friend says it). But it could also mean he left for a journey and forgot something. Wieder would mean he is back from the journey. So there is a profound difference in meaning depending on the context.

Er ist nochmal bei Rot über die Ampel gefahren (a second time) Er ist wieder bei Rot über die Ampel gefahren (he does it very often).


Hi Cluney,

I think 'wieder' is just to do things again but it is not said how often. Nochmal (short for noch einmal) I do a thing once again. In everyday speech it is not really a rule only a hint.





Best regards Angel


nochmal is usually used when something is happen close in time... like someone is telling you something and you want him to repeat

wieder is usually used when it is further away in time..or ahead.. like " this has happened to him again"


I think, in short, it's the same connotations as "once more(/again)" (noch einmal) vs. "again" (wieder).

So, another example, just for the fun of it:

Ich fahre noch (ein)mal nach London = I go to London once more / one more time

Ich fahre wieder nach London = I go to London again


Oh dear. This seems to be the opposite of the examples guitarluehe gave. Sigh.

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