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Assignments mixed up with students and teacher

I created a handful of assignments that are due over the next couple of weeks (about ten assignments in all), an assignment due every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My students began working on them, starting with the assignment that is due the soonest, and when they completed it, the program says completed on their end, but not mine. On my end, it shows that they have completed the assignment that has the furthest due date, and haven't even started the one that is due soonest. I watched the students even click on the correct assignment, so I knew they were not making an error that way.

Can you help, please?!?

December 6, 2017



The system doesn't do a good job of handling multiple XP assignments at once. There doesn't seem to be anything that can be done about that at the moment, sadly.

...unless Vivisaurus wants to tell us that the engineers are working on this problem?


I only assign one at a time. It's a nice system for late work, in that it always counts the newest assignment first.

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