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"There are very few inexpensive apartments here."

Translation:Levných bytů je tady velmi málo.

December 6, 2017



Why 'je' and not 'jsou'? It's plural... Maybe it is like german 'Es gibt', what is not dependent to the number of things...??


je málo, je hodně, je mnoho, je trochu...

Always use the singular with these adverbs of quantity.


i assume that these adverbs of quantity also use the genitive?


Yes, e.g.: "Ve městě je málo bytů." "V hospodě je hodně mužů." "Na ulici je mnoho aut." "Na stole je trochu jídla." etc.


why can't i use tady in the end of the sentence?


Because it is very strange to stress it like that except some special occasions. It is actually possible in sentences like "Velmi málo levných bytů je tady." which is still unlikely to be used in practice, but at least makes sense.

Remember, you should report the complete sentence that was rejected.


Why is, "Tady je malo levnych bytu." Incorrect?


You're missing "very" - "velmi".

"Tady je velmi málo levných bytů." would be correct


"To je tady velmi málo levných bytů" is wrong to Duo, can someone explain me why ?


There is no reason for the "To". It just does not belong there.


In normal usage, it sounds just like "It is very few cheap apartments here" which is just as incorrect in English as it is in Czech.

However, it could be used in Czech with a very particular (incredulous) intonation, perhaps with a "?!" at the end, meaning "Do you really want to say that there are very few cheap apartments here?!".


I wrote "je velmi malo levnych bytů tady" and it was marked wrong, but the system proposed an alternative correction:

"Tu je velmi málo levných bytů."

What is that "tu" doing here?


TU is another way to say TADY. Another acceptable sentence is TADY JE VELMI MÁLO LEVNÝCH BYTŮ.

Your sentence was marked wrong because the verb TO BE would not be stuck at the the very beginning like that. Either you put the HERE there or the very few apartments there but not ARE.

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