"Dragons, Bluewings"

Translation:드래곤즈, 블루윙즈

December 7, 2017

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what does ~즈 mean?


That's how you can write the English plural s in Korean.

Remember that you can't write ㅈ (or any other consonant) by itself, it needs to be followed by a vowel. So, the neutral ㅡ is often used in such cases.

Another example with a different consonant, Starckbucks: 스타 벅스

I don't know the rule which decides when it should be 스 and when it should be 즈 for a final s.


Isn't it from English sound "s" or "z"?


즈 sound like "jeu," and they are using to signify plural

you can also use 들 to signify plural, but most of the time in Korean plurality is not specified.

you can say 용 (dragon) for dragonS too, or you can stress that there is more than one with 용들


I don't know when to put twice ㄹ like in 블루윙즈 but not in 드래곤즈


For those of us getting this as a review, it seems loony that 용 isn't accepted


I gave 드래곤즈, 블루윙즈, and I was told that dragons was incorrect.


Take a screenshot and report it through the grey help button below.


I am using google's virtual keyboard, and I do not see a key for the first letter of 윙. What letters are in this syllable and why can I not make them?


Not sure about your specific keyboard, but usually one types, in this order:

ㅇ ㅜ ㅣ ㅇ to get 윙.

If for some reason, my comment does not make sense for your specific keyboard, I hope someone will shine in for you...


Ah! That works. I am now confused, however, as to why it sometimes has three letter blocks, and other times four? What decides that?


윙 can have 4 letters because the sound "wi" consists of ㅇ ㅜ ㅣ (위) and the "ng" comes from having an ㅇ at the end of the syllable block. When you put them together you get 윙. There are a few exceptions but this explains the case for this situation.


Can someone please help me to know witch vowel we pronounce if the word ends with 2 vowels like 믻 or 칡 ?


드래곤스 is incorrect, so, why is used 즈


I do not seem to understand why blue carries double "l/r" sound (블루)... It seems quite confusing... I mean if "dragons" has the "ㄷ" and the "ㅡ", why "blue" is not written logically "ㅂ" on top of "ㅡ" and followed by "루"? I guess it has to be because they are foreign words to Korean, but... I guess Korean is quite difficult for us westerners, right?


what is bluewings?

English Hangul Romanization IME Typing
Dragons 드래곤즈 deu rae gon jeu emforhswm
Bluewings 블루윙즈 beul lu wing jeu qmffndnldwm

Native Korean pronunciation via Forvo:

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