"Who will write the cookbook?"

Translation:누가 요리책을 쓸 것입니까?

December 7, 2017

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Does anyone know how to tell when to put 누가 before or after the subject of the sentence?


우리 중에 누가 영원히 살고 싶어하는가? = Among us, who wants to live forever?

우리 중에 = among us =우리들 가운데




누가 is the subject of the sentence. Maybe you meant object (the thing affected by the verb action, marked with -을/를)? Jn that case:

As long as the object isn't made the topic (the thing about which the sentence gives new information, marked with -은/는), the subject usually comes before it. There are cases where the subject may follow an object marked with -을/를, usually if you want to stress the subject but for some reason can't make the object the topic (maybe because there al ready is a different topic, or because the object hasn't come up before, so it can't be made the topic). For example: 그 책임을 제가 질게요 "I'm going to take the responsibility for that." The responsibility hasn't come up before, so -은/는 doesn't work.

But such cases are the exception and strongly emphasise the subject. In the vast majority of cases it's more natural to put the object after the subject.

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