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Fun French Movies!

I watch a lot of French movies and here are two that I highly recommend!

Le Tableau: This is a beautifully animated film that in a way reminds me of the magic of Miyazaki movies. I won't give away anything because you should look it up for yourself but I really enjoyed it. The sad part is that this isn't on Netflix...

Le Scaphandre et le Papillon: This one is on Netflix! And I absolutely adore this story in every form. This is originally a book that was made into a movie but surprisingly the movie is pretty darn good. I have a special attachment to this story because it helped me out of a very dark place. I've had some issues with depression as of late and it gave me a very different perspective that I really needed. I even rank this higher than Tolkien's Lord of The Rings series and those are my childhood! (They still are super special to me though.)

LANGUAGE TIP: I highly suggest you look these movies up and read about them then watch the movie without ANY subtitles because otherwise you will rely on these as a crutch. Without them, your listening skills are challenged and you are forced to pay attention to figure out what is going on. Since you've already read about the film, your brain will fill in the gaps where you don't understand. It's also super useful to watch one movie a couple of times, maybe not in a row, but watch it once then wait a while to watch it again. It then becomes a challenge to see how much more you understand.

December 7, 2017



The African Doctor is on Netflix and it's in French and is a good movie.


My French class recently watched Les Choristes. It was a really good movie. Our teacher did put on subtitles, but in French... That way we could read the words and connect them to the sounds we heard, but more easily understand everything that was going on because we were able to read the words. (Reading is much easier than listening.)

[deactivated user]

    Thank you for the recommendations and tip, I will definitely be watching these movies :)


    a nother movie i like is la glore du ma pere

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