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  5. "They talk too fast for me."

"They talk too fast for me."

Translation:Sie sprechen zu schnell für mich.

December 7, 2017



Could you swap the order of für mich and zu schnell? Bit unsure of word order rule in this circumstance


I suppose you could - I'll add that as an alternative.

This order (zu schnell für mich) sounds most natural for me, though.


Why is saying "reden" instead of "sprechen" incorrect?


It should also be correct.


'mich' is used instead of 'mir'. Is it because 'zu' here means "too" instead of "to" that makes it not a dative preposition and therefore accusative 'mich' is used?


zu does indeed mean "too" (= excessively) here.

I'd say that the immediate cause for the accusative case mich is that it is right behind the preposition für, and für requires the accusative case.

Prepositions don't require a case for all the following words in the entire sentence, only for the noun phrase that follows them.

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