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  5. "That camera is expensive."

"That camera is expensive."

Translation:그 카메라는 비쌉니다.

December 7, 2017



These questions are really bad. You're calling out typos when you've given no context as to when to use which version of 'that'.


Umm.. it says I have a typo in my answer, but that's not possible since I just clicked on the word...


So when do you use 'geu' and 'jeo'? if they both mean 'that'?


이 - 'This': used when it's something close to the speaker

그 - 'That': used when it's something close to the listener

저 - used when it's far from both the speaker and the listener. The closest thing in English to this would be 'That over there'

If you go on the Tips page of this lesson, you can find a more detailed explanation :)


How do you differentiate 그 and 그것?????


그 refera to the location (close to the listener). Adding 것 says that you're referring to a thing.


When to use 그 and 저 and is it one and the same


Why not "그것 카메라는" and yes to "그 카메라는"??!


그것 is used when pointing out out a thing without saying it. Like 처는 그것 먹습니다 — I eat that. If I were to say I eat that bread then I'd use 처는 그 빵이 먹습니다

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