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"Is your home in the US?"


December 7, 2017



吗 is used for "yes" or "no" questions. Hope that helps! :)




Yep! Simplified is harder to read. I wish this taught traditional.


Simplified is supposed to be easier... At least for me


國is the traditional chinese character of 国


I don't know Chinese. It should give us at least a tiny hint.


Is this the best way to ask where someone is from or is there a better way?


Well, there is no "best way", but it is surely a common, grammatically correct sentence. I can give you some other sentences: 请问您从哪里来?/請問您從哪裡來?Where are you from? (哪里/哪裡 can be replaced with 哪儿/哪兒, same meaning. 请问/請問 makes the sentence sound more polite.) 您打哪儿来?/您打哪兒來?(This sentence is more like spoken language, and maybe dialectical.)


why do you need to put a "吗"? just why!?!


More in detail:
你的家在美国。= Your home is in the US.
你的家在美国吗?= Is your home in the US? / Your home is in the US?
In English, a question has a different sentence structure or an added "do/does" or at least a raised pitch (Your home is in the US?).
In Chinese, the sentence structure is the same. And because Chinese is a tonal language, you can not go up with your pitch to mark a question, because that changes the meaning of words. You need to speak the right tones as if it was a normal sentence and then add ma 吗.
The best example for that is that foreigners often say the Chinese "Excuse me?" (请问 qǐngwèn) with a rising tone and end up saying "Please kiss!" (请吻 qǐngwěn). :o)


it makes it a question in the absence of a question word or construction. For this question, 嗎 is the best way to construct it.


Sorry Just testing Email verification - took a while answer should have been 'yes' Do you live in the US?

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