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Streak Freeze - how many times can it be used?


I've been on a 119 days streak in Portuguese (woop!) and plan to continue the streak till the end of the year, the least. However, I will be going on a lengthy holiday in January in countries in SE Asia where internet is not very reliable and I'm not sure I can continue my lessons every day. The streak has motivated me so far and I want to continue learning Portuguese till I finish all the lessons in Duolingo. I have enough lingots to buy a streak freeze for every single day of my trip, but I'm not sure this will work.

So how does streak freeze work exactly? Do I equip with one that will be available in case I miss a day and then add another one and so on? How many streak freezes can I equip with at a time or in a given time period? Can I get 30 streak freezes in 1 month? Does my streak remain at 119 even if I use the streak(s) freeze?

I'm quite excited to be learning Portuguese on Duolingo but I really would need some help answering the above questions to see how I can manage my learning & motivation.

Thanks! Sorina

December 7, 2017



You will have to go online to buy a new streak freeze everyday. It would be better to get your minimum xp instead.


You can use it as many times as you want. If you buy one, it will wait until you need it, then it get used up and then you can buy another. If a streak freeze is used, your streak stays the same, does not go up.


When my mother went on holiday, she gave me her login data and I kept buying new streak freezes every day. Worked perfectly fine. Maybe consider asking a friend too, it's easy to forget when on holiday.

  • Buy one (on the Android app you can buy a "Weekend amulet"!)

  • (Automatically) Use one, if you do not reach your XP goal the same day (23:59).
    So you need to be equipped before!!!

  • Please note:

There may be some bugs / side circumstances, where you will be losing your streak, nevertheless of an equiped streak freeze.

This is NOT my personal experience ("streak freeze" worked as announced, but I am not 100% sure about exactly "buying+using" it on the same day), but it seems to be the experience from many others according to their "lost streak...." threads.

Be VERY careful with more than one web browser window/tab open, especially with the "Discussion" forum page.
The tab may not refresh your flame at once, so you think you are good (met your XP goal), but actually you aren't and a new day has already started!

Theoretically you should be able to buy the "streak freeze" every single day and still not gain new XPs / meet your coach goal.

You could also fall back to the 1XP web setting coach goal and use the "timed practice" on the web for maybe quickly answering 1-3/4 questions.

  • If you do NOT have a reliable internet connection each day, you can NOT buy a new "streak freeze" each single day!!!
    Ask a friend or family member to help you!

  • If you lose your streak after your trip, just remember:
    There is a new "repair streak" item in the lingot shop/store on the Android app and IOS app where you can buy it back with money (streak 0day, = no new streak started, current 0XP, extended profile variable met "days_ago" set to a short number like 1,2,3....not e.g 8 (the programmers surely have some algorithm implemented where "eligible" switches from TRUE to FALSE, so you can't buy the repair anymore after a certain amount of days, starting a new streak, etc.; so you need to be quick after losing your streak!)


They can only be used once, however, you can buy them as many times as you want to from the Lingot Store.


I think you can do it for ever it just cost so much.


I don't know....I used 20-30 streak freezes and screwed up several times. Your motivation and learning come from within. You decide that. Enjoy a Christmas Lingot.


You can buy streak freeze everyday and not losing your streak plus keeping you in your league. I've tried this before.

It does cost 10 lingots, though

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