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"Ele costuma pôr o dinheiro no bolso."

March 16, 2013



Why "He used to". Shouldn't "Ele costuma" be present tense and therefore "He is used to"?


When that happens, the best is reporting...


If you use "He IS used to..." you have to change the verb "put" into "putting", so it becomes "He is used to putting money in the pocket." Otherwise its incorrect. :X

The english translation seems to be wrong, you're right on that!..if it was past tense, you would use "constumava" right? I think another correct english translation would be "He usually puts money in the pocket".


Yeah, I used "He is accustomed to put", but got it wrong.


Rightly so, since ‘accustomed to’ takes a gerund.


English translation is still incorrect for this sentence. Needs to be ´he is used to putting´, or ´he usually puts´.


You are right, I'm going to report this. A summary of ‘used to’: It only has a simple past, ‘used to’, which can be negated like this: ‘didn't use to’, and turned into a question like so: ‘did ... use to’. There is no simple present of ‘used to’; normally the simple present of the main verb is used plus an appropriate adverb of frequency, such as usually.

Here's a handy list: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Category:English_frequency_adverbs

Note that ‘to be used to’ doesn't mean habitual action per se: it means to be accustomed to something, even though the subject might not be the actor or, if he is, not do it willingly (but still tolerating it to some extent): ‘He was used to reinstalling his computer.’ It doesn't even have to be an action: you can get used to cats, or so I'm told. One more example to show the contrast: ‘He used to work here, but he couldn't get used to the noise, so he asked to be reassigned.’

‘Estar acostumado’ translates as ‘to be used to’; unfortunately ‘costumar’ can be used in place of ‘estar acostumado’ so when you encounter ‘costumar’ you'll need to figure out from context which English translation is the right one.

Oh and let's not forget: ‘I could get used to this.’ means it's just gravy.


No native English speaker would ever say "He uses to put"

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