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Announcing the Duolingo Spanish Podcast!

Duolingo is launching a bilingual podcast for Spanish learners today! In creating this, we wanted to combine great storytelling with language learning: each episode of the podcast features compelling, true stories that are told in easy-to-understand Spanish with English narration throughout. Although the vocabulary used is linked to the CEFR, these are not your standard language lessons, but rather captivating stories designed to help learners improve their listening comprehension throughout their daily lives.

There are currently nearly 110 million English speakers learning Spanish on Duolingo, and we believe this weekly podcast will push intermediate and advanced learners in particular to the next level. So, whether you are nearing the end of your Spanish tree or just looking for great stories to listen to on your commute, download the Duolingo Spanish Podcast from your favorite podcast provider!

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Links to specific providers:
- iTunes
- Google Play Music
- Spotify
- Stitcher
- Overcast
- RSS feed


PS: You can also access it via Duolingo Labs

December 7, 2017



I'm SO excited about this latest offering from Duolingo! Thank you! It's like Christmas has come early :)


Yay--I can't wait to try this out, even though I don't speak Spanish. I'm super glad that this is now being offered to learners.

I'm looking forward to seeing the future of this edition!


Do you have already plans what will be the 2nd or 3rd target language?
Maybe Portuguese like Duo Labs stories?

Well, we know you have some Spanish and Portuguese internal resources available ;)
.........and yes, there are million of Spanish learners on DuoLingo according to the Incubator statistics....acknowledged.

Nice that your team has new ideas and brings them to life for first tests....


Yes! Hoping if the Spanish podcast does well they might make one for Portuguese one day.

[deactivated user]

    Yes. I hope the three target languages will be :Spanish, Portuguese and French! I think these are the languages with the most learners anyway.


    Just when I thought that Duo was becoming stale for me, you raised the bar. First, I attended a Duo event here in San Francisco, una buscada, a scavenger hunt! Muy divertido, even though I was the least fluent. Then the stories, which I have followed almost every day, added a new dimension.

    But now, the podcasts! I was feeling almost weepy listening to the story of meeting one's sports idol and could follow most of the words. This is exactly the type of exercise my Spanish teacher at community college has been suggesting - listening to Spanish with Spanish subtitles.

    Thanks for pulling me back to Duolingo!


    Buenas noticias! Perfect next step para mi, mil gracias Duolingo!


    Those are amazing news! But I just got ERROR 404! 404 Not Found

    The resource could not be found.



    This was fixed, please reload the post and you should be seeing an updated link!


    Amazing !! Thankyou :) :)


    Cool! But will Duo stop and add more languages to the features they already have before adding more new things?


    Only if it's successful--but it'll stick around for a while before the staff decides to either invest time into expanding it into more languages or to simply abandon it. Let's hope it'll be successful and graduate from Beta. :)


    Dear Duolingo.....I love you so much :-* !!!! Thank you for all that you do and these great resources!! I have listened to both podcast and they are great!! After a brief hiatus, I have recently re-immersed my self in duolingo. GREAT to be back! I just keep discovering new resources!! It's great!


    I just want to say, I know that most people choose to learn Spanish here at Duolingo, but does Spanish always have to be the first language? Maybe you could do something with French or German. While all of your updates are great, a lot of people can't access any of them. For instance, stories is only available to Portuguese (YAY!) and Spanish speakers, and I understand that that's in beta. But maybe next time you make a feature, consider starting it with a language such as French.

    Anyway, with my annoying complaining out of the way, onto the praise! This sounds like a great option for Spanish learners. I think once I become a bit better at Esperanto, I'll want to find podcasts to listen to as well, so I don't annoy my mom by being on the computer so much. This is a great opportunity, and I hope you go farther with it! Thank you!

    (Also, sorry if the first part came off as rude, I didn't know how to put that specific feedback in a suitable wording, but I still wanted to get the message across. Looking back at it, it looks incredibly rude. Sorry!)

    [deactivated user]

      Personally, I would love to have the duolingo stories in French!


      French is available, and German! Enjoy!


      This is great, and I think this is fantastic news. I really enjoyed listening to the first one and I hope you can keep this up! Thank you!


      The podcast is a fabulous addition to Duolingo. Congratulations.


      I've listened to the first episode twice. Not only is it very engaging, but I've managed to pick up more vocabulary the second time! A wonderful idea, and I can't wait to see how it develops over time.


      Great to hear, Luke_5.1991! Stay tuned for the next episode, coming next week, hopefully it will be just as enjoyable! =]


      How come there's always more features for Spanish, but these features aren't available to many other languages?


      My guess it is has something to do with interest. Perhaps there is a larger number of people learning Spanish than the other languages? Supply and demand!


      Perhaps there is a larger number of people learning Spanish than the other languages?

      Spanish is definitively and by far the language(°) to which the largest number of accounts have subscribed(°°). You can see here that

      Rank| #Subscribers (in Millions) Target language(°)
      1. 109 Spanish
      2. 64 French
      3. 39 German
      4. 25 Italian
      5. 10 Portuguese
      6. ... ...

      (°) Only speaking about courses for English speakers here, otherwise it'd be the second one, the first one being its reverse course (with more than 142M subscribers).
      (°°) impossible (for us) to know the data about #accounts "actively" learning each language, so we're left with the number of subscribers.


      a lot of those might possibly be like me, who are simply taking both courses to improve your Spanish skills.

      The same argument applies for the Spanish from English course: a lot of those might possibly like me, who are simply taking both courses to improve your English skills. ;)


      You are right. The one with the most subscribers is actually the English course for Spanish speakers. Although, a lot of those might possibly be like me, who are simply taking both courses to improve your Spanish skills.


      The creator of Duolingo is a native Spanish speaker, the original course was only Spanish & English. The new features will probably spread to the other languages in time.


      There are already a couple great free podcast series for German from Deutsche Welle. Unfortunately there just isn't that much really great, free material for Spanish, so I'm glad that they started with Spanish here at DuoLingo.


      Spanish is more popular that's why

      [deactivated user]

        Probably because Spanish has the most English learners. Therefore, more people would use this feature.


        Your languages are very impressive.


        I agree with Luke, having funny and interesting podcasts is awesome. That is exactly what people need (and I believe even beginners can benefit from listening).


        Just as with stories, I would encourage you to increase reusability of your content (which is not cheap to produce). English interruptions might be useful (though I doubt that), but they limit the audience of the podcast to English speakers only. If you had an uninterrupted audio of the story (maybe as a separate file), then anyone could listen them. For instance our users of Spanish for Russian speakers would be happy to listen them, I'm sure.

        It is really great, that you'll share the text of the story. Speakers of any language can use it. Users of any Spanish course on Duoingo can create a discussion on the forum to translate the text or discuss podcast's grammar and vocabulary.


        I agree with your feedback, but at least this first one wouldn't really work without the narration (be it in English or whatever language) -- there's not enough context for the Spanish bits if you take the narration out. That's easily tweaked for future stories, of course.


        One solution for this I've been thinking about suggesting is having a second file with the narration in Spanish. I'm still pondering the pros and cons, but I'll put the idea out there so if anyone has any brilliant thoughts about it, they can share them. :)


        Yup, but that's essentially NPR's Radio Ambulante. :-)

        (Although I do enjoy that show, which is a suitable step up in complexity and length from this first Duolingo podcast, I have to say that the themes of Radio Ambulante are often very dark and depressing. I hope the Duolingo podcasts will be more varied and suitable for all ages.)


        And Radio Ambulante features speakers talking at a natural speed with normal cadence not at "training-wheels speed" with perfect enunciation.


        @ignatznkrazy: Indeed!

        (Although since I'm more used to hearing Spanish from Spain, even the stuff on Radio Ambulante seems not-too-fast to me... :-) )


        I agree. Duolingo should also focus on language learners who don't already speak English.


        What would you say is the level of the Spanish in the podcast?


        Intermediate, based on CEFR, a B1 is intermediate. You can read more about what the levels mean Here. :)


        Duolingo says Intermediate without a CEFR specification (AFAIK).

        I would say it is somewhere between A2 and B1. At B1 the input should be clear but at a more normal pace. These podcasts are clear but Spanish is spoken slower than normal.

        It is so slowed down that I can do shadowing exercise without losing sync (repeat what the Speaker said while continuing to listen).


        What does that mean in terms of the Duolingo tree?


        French podcast s'il vous plait? And Japanese? And Korean? And Vietnamese? And Chinese? And Italian? And German? And Guarani? And Dutch? And Irish? And Danish? And Portuguese?


        I normally listen to web developer podcasts on the way to work so it's interesting to see Duolingo step into the realm of podcasts.

        Would love some Italian ones though in the future. Show this feature some love Spanish learners! Its success depends on you. :)


        Yes! You can help out by downloading/subscribing and rating it -- that will help boost the podcast and make it more likely to expand. (∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚


        I would love some italian podcasts too.


        im waiting for dothraki podcasts, personally


        i would if it worked on android :(


        Good story. Just what I needed at this point in my study.


        I listened to the first episode, which was pretty nice. It's really useful to have the transcript readily available -- with it, this is probably a pretty good level for someone just finishing their Duolingo Spanish tree and not having a whole lot of listening experience from elsewhere. (The jump in complexity is pretty huge, but the Spanish speaker spoke very clearly, and I guess the idea of a podcast like this is to be able to follow the story, as opposed to analyze the details of the grammar involved.)

        You mentioned that the vocabulary is linked to the Common European Framework levels -- what does this mean in practice? I was expecting to find some indication of the level of the first story, but couldn't find it.

        Overall, it felt very "Radio Ambulante:ish", although easier because of the narration being in English. Which of course isn't surprising if some of the same people work on this. I'm surprised Duolingo entered the pretty crowded market of language podcasting, but will be looking forward to future episodes.

        Edit: Oh, and I get a "Podcast series currently not available" or something similar when I try to add in using Google Play Music.


        Found the transcripts! Turns out, I had immediately clicked into one of the advertised players for it, instead of scrolling down to the rest of the duolingo.podcast.com page where there is both a player and the transcripts in English. ^_^

        Hi annika_a, I haven't been able to find the transcripts. Would you share where you located them? I'm using the Google Music route to access it. If you're using something else, will you still share where you found them? There might be other people using the same as you who are also looking for them.


        Hi Usagiboy7 ,

        The transcripts are on the website.
        For instance, for the first episode, it's here.


        "You mentioned that the vocabulary is linked to the Common European Framework levels -- what does this mean in practice? I was expecting to find some indication of the level of the first story, but couldn't find it."

        Hi annika_a! My understanding is that most of the vocabulary used is targeted at intermediate level learners, as defined by the CEFR. For example, we typically don't use words like "cataclismo," since that's a word used by advanced Spanish speakers. Instead, we use simpler words that Spanish learners at an intermediate learners would most likely understand. I hope that helps explains a little bit of what this looks like in practice!

        Are you still getting the error on Google Play music?


        I get the same error for the Google Play Music link.


        You are angels! Thank you Duolingo team. I sincerely love you all. Free education rocks and rules!


        Thank you for creating this resource ! And I agree with Lrtward. It is like an amazing early Christmas present !

        I am so looking forward to it being about to rolled out for many more languages in the year to come.

        Also I want to congratulate the team who have produced this for creating the associated transcript ,
        Tinycard deck !

        Thank you !


        When will their be Português and Francais!!!?!? :D

        Also good work.


        Guys, this is so well done and professionally produced. Bravo! I encourage everyone to check it out, whether you're learning Spanish or not. That will give you an idea of what to expect if it expands in the future and will also help show support for this new venture.


        That's great!! Keeping up with - - Google Play and other Podcast providers... I'm going to consider this a Xmaxx/Hannukah gift from Duo.. Thanks!!!


        Recommendation: Earn points by taking a quiz on Duolingo based on the podcast. Receive 2 XP (or whatever amount) per question answered correctly.

        Thrilled about the new feature :)


        Thanks for doing this. It is a really useful addition. I listened to it last night and it really stretched me but helped a lot. Reading the transcript after helped too.


        Great effort! Although I think it would be much better if I could follow the text in the app.


        I listened to the first podcast. It's engaging and interesting, but I have one BIG problem with it. I have to switch my listening from English to Spanish too often - takes a couple of words to go to Spanish for me. It would be better, I think, to have the narration in Spanish, since the transcript is available if needed. I think progress would be faster that way, as it would allow you to truly immerse yourself in the language. The narration should translate into fairly simple Spanish. It is actually more difficult to switch like this than to listen to a strictly Spanish narration. LOVE LOVE LOVE the innovations.


        I agree that narration in simple Spanish instead of English would be enough and also solve localization issues for speakers of other languages.


        I reallly enjoyed this podcast, I felt like the story was engaging and I found it interesting that having the narration in english. I managed to stay interested more than if the narrator had simply translated the story. At first I thought the switching between languages might get akward but it managed to keep a nice flow.


        I agree. I only started learning Spanish a while ago and don't understand much (just the basics), but the combination of both languages made it perfect for me to actually understand the gist of the story. I will certainly use this feature. Good work and thank you.


        I listen to a lot of podcasts for language learning. In the last 4 years I have probably listened to around 1000 hours of podcasts. I have added Duolingo Spanish podcast to my collection of podcasts.

        Having just listened to the first episode, I recognize it as a podcast in the style of Radio Ambulante except that the narration is done in English and Spanish is clearer and somewhat slower, making it more suitable for early intermediate students.

        I wished there was a version where the narration was done in Spanish as well. That would actually make the podcast suitable for all learners of Spanish, not just English speakers learning Spanish.


        I love the new stories so much 'cause I can engage and understand how to speak and write in Spanish.


        For an intermediate learner, the vocal speed is very acceptable. It would be interesting to see variants of accents or speeds (Spain, Ecuadorian, Argentine, Mexico, Chilean).

        Perhaps a background photo behind the text would be useful in adding context clues, unless it should feel more like NPR. Providing font colors to different languages could be a possibility.

        Maybe in the future, users could create their stories and type it up for submission.


        Trying it out for the first time...


        I wasn't into Duolingo Stories, but the podcast is awesome. I don't even like Spanish, but have been learning it a long time... this is the first time I was enthralled by something in Spanish that was recorded. I am actually excited for the next ones! Also greatly dislike the use of English in foreign language podcasts generally, but this is the first time I've heard it done really well. I didn't like it here either at first, but I think it helped me follow along and enjoy it. If you can add something like this for the languages I DO like, I will be even more excited! And radio with transcripts is how I learned French, and became semi-fluent in it with a decent accent without ever visiting a French-speaking region. So love that there are transcripts here. I don't know if I like Spanish enough to really bother with them, but I definitely would with other languages.


        dreamconsciously, one thing I know is that if the Spanish podcast doesn't get enough downloads/listens, there's no chance of it adding other languages. So, what I've been doing is playing it from different download sources listed on its page, boosting it on social media, and asking my friends to go play it too. I Like Spanish. I'd also like it to eventually be available in other languages too, like Japanese. It's gotta succeed in Spanish to even have a chance though, same with Duolingo Stories. crosses fingers :)


        Telling others about it is great, but listening to it yourself repeatedly in a manner that you wouldn't normally only to boost the stats will skew the data. If they make a decision based on incorrect data about expected listener numbers, it could have a deleterious effect on the potential to monetize the podcast. It's happened before. Several times I have seen businesses launch something based on what seemed to be wide-spread interest only to see it fizzle. True enough, you'd probably have to be pretty intensely dedicated to gaming the system (or you'd have to build a bot, as seems to have happened in the cases that I witnessed), but... (I recently started doing data for a living, so it is close to my heart.)


        At the onset, a big wave makes a big splash with good ripples. If people share it through social media more people will find it. And if the numbers are good at the onset, media will boost it bringing in more listeners. I'm aiming for the ripple effect. At the moment, mostly people on the website will find it. Most of Duolingo's users are not on the website. It's a sound strategy. :)


        Most of Duolingo's users are not on the website

        Then perhaps the podcast should not be announced only on the forum, but also through email notifications to all users to widen its reach.


        Arachnje, I don't know why they haven't. But, if there isn't a significant reason not to, I hope they will. :)


        Okay. I already shared it on Twitter last night. :)


        I listened to part of the first episode, and my suggestion would be to have the interviewee speak at normal speed and cadence. I have been able to understand this sort of slow speed, perfect enunciation narration for years, but I don't believe that has gotten me any closer to understanding normal speech, which would be the goal.

        Having English narration and a readily available transcript will guide people even if they miss something. If you are going to climb Everest, you will want to practice in the Rockies, not the steepest hill in Iowa.


        Just listened to the first one. I love them! Awesome!


        It's really cool! I tried it, and even though I'm on level 5 on Spanish, it still was worth listening to! Too bad I don't even have 15 minutes in my life to listen to a podcast though.


        cool i'll try it out sometime.


        Will there be podcasts of Portuguese as well? Because I need to improve my oral skills.


        Always excited to try out a new feature! My Spanish isn't good enough to follow very well, but I did not see the transcription of the podcast till nearly the end, so that helped just a little.

        As an English native speaker, I just wanted to point out for anyone who might be using this for learning English from Spanish, in the 4th to last paragraph in the sentence "Rodrigo was relieved and happy to hear these news", since news isn't a typical plural, 'these' should be 'this'.


        The PodCast was very helpful. I feel like it helped me learn better. Thanks!


        What I really like about this podcast is that I get exposure to the tense used to tell stories! :D


        @All: FYI, a new story has been released in the Duolingo Spanish Podcast.


        Wow! I just listened to the first episode and it is great! Thanks for doing the Duolingo! Yet another way to keep on learning!


        Is there an app and why aren’t the cefr grades listed?


        @All: FYI, a new story has been released in the Duolingo Spanish Podcast.

        Memorias y milanesas

        Roberto Herrscher was one of the many Argentinians who fought against Great Britain in the Falklands War in the 1980s. Decades later, Herrscher returns to the islands to confront his memories and ends up making an unlikely friend.


        Absolutely LOVING the podcasts, wish there were more!!!! Please start churning these out, French and Hebrew would be great too! Thanks so much Duolingo, you are amazing.


        when will we get one for french?


        I would love to see a French podcast sometime soon!


        It sounds amazing, I hope it will be available for French very soon :)


        I am loving this new feature, but a little disappointed with the content of the first four podcasts. There have been two non-romantic stories about men, and two stories with women protagonists which were both about heterosexual romance. I hope to see more content with women acting as more than love interests, perhaps even something that passes the Bechdel test (a very low bar for gender equality).


        I, like others, would love to see a French podcast. It would be a perfect addition to my language learning!


        Even though I'm new to learning Spanish on DL, I am really enjoying the podcast. It is really well done and presented in a way that even beginners can get a lot out of it.


        How long will this last as sounds great but would have to ask mum is it just for today?


        How long it lasts will depend on how successful it is (i.e. how much it gets used). If folks use it a lot, then Duolingo will commit the resources needed to maintain and grow it. If it doesn't get used, they will abandon it.

        But it will be around longer than just today :)


        wow so cool are there any other languges on the podcast?


        Just click on the 'Labs' tab. You can now access from that page.


        Cant seem to find the pod cast on my i phone


        Hi GregZdep, it should be available through this link to iTunes. :)


        This is fantastic, and probably just what I need at this stage in my learning (just beginning to nudge toward intermediate). I don't think I understand enough to get along without the English narration. I have listened twice so far, once just with the audio and then with the transcript (to pick up words that went by too quickly). I also did the tinycards.


        No, this is free!


        Can't wait for the French version!


        I listened to the first one on the way to work today and it was very helpful. Still not getting everything, but I feel like I am close to being able to listen to the story and get most of it. Thanks....its a great idea!


        Love it. Can't wait for it to come out in Portuguese and French (hopefully soon), and hopefully Arabic one day (one can dream!).


        I listened and read transcript of the first podcast story. It is really very interesting and getting closer the understanding spoken Spanish by native speakers. I wish there was a two way communication so I could speak as well. Speaking Spanish is my weak point.


        I can't wait for the weekend to roll around so I could have the chance to listen to this! Although Spanish is my first language, I was never properly taught grammar topics or tenses so with the help of Duolingo and their various separate services, I'll be on the road to speaking perfect Spanish!


        I love the new podcast! It is the perfect mix for me of English and Spanish and the narrator has a very professional audio voice. Well done. It was also kind of an unexpected tear jerker - but I don't want to spoil it for the rest of you!


        You say this is for intermediate learners, but what does Duolingo consider intermediate to be? Which lesson or checkpoint should I have reached before starting the podcast?

        Currently, I have everything from Basic 1 to Present 2 at maximum strength, with 39% fluency.


        ginquill33, personally I think it'd be good for everyone learning Spanish to listen to it, even if they are still working on basics1. It's listening comprehension and reading comprehension practice. When I think of "intermediate" I think of someone who has completed the Spanish tree. I wouldn't let that deter anyone from listening to it though. It think it would help people advance more quickly.


        I agree with Usagiboy7. I am at a similar level to you, and I enjoyed listening to the first episode. I was pleased to simply be able to hear/understand single words and short phrases within the full sentences. I will keep the podcasts to use again when I've advanced further.


        If you are able to listen to Spanish and understand about 80% of the spoken Spanish than you should be OK. If not, you probably need to improve a bit more. However, listening podcasts is a great idea. I have been doing it since 2014 (every day) and it has helped me tremendously. If Duolingo podcast is difficult listen to more basic podcasts. There are a ton of them.


        when i click on the link i get redirected to another site, where it wants me to log in. I get nervous when I am logged into a site, and i get redirected to re-enter my log on. Is this correct??


        Hi dennis367678,

        If the website is for Medium, it's the correct place. Medium is one of the places hosting the podcast. If you go there, ignore the sign in button unless you want to create a Medium account. Scroll down instead and you will see the current two episodes of the Duolingo Spanish Podcast. You can listen to them without making an account. :)


        No more details yet on what you mean with the vocabulary being linked to the CEFR levels?


        Hey, I didnt perceive the value proposition till now that I read the post


        when can i get it on my android tablet or my pc please?


        The podcasts are available in a variety of ways, including Google Music. On the web, you can access it from the Duolingo Labs tab. https://www.duolingo.com/labs (I can on my see this when I view my browser app in desktop mode.) Use the links in the post to find it on Google Music, Stitcher, and others. It's accessible to just about everyone, on any device. :)


        Anytime! As long as you have software or an app to listen to podcasts (mostly linked above), it should work now!


        is is an AWSOME idea. I love doing it


        Yay! look forward to trying out the podcast




        Perfect, however i it has one flaw is it possible to listen to it ONLY in spanish?


        however i it has one flaw is it possible to listen to it ONLY in spanish?

        Not a flaw as it is a SPANISH podcast.
        The day there will be French podcast, that one will be in French, the day there will be English podcast (for non English speakers), that one will be in English, etc.


        I don't think that's what Horako224 meant.

        This podcast has a lot of English in it -- it's reasonable to ask for a Spanish podcast which is completely in Spanish.


        Oh you're probably right.
        A dot was missing between "flaw" and "is" ("Is") and, on my side, I didn't see the final "?". leading to my probable misreading.

        Thx for pointing that out annika_a.


        Awesome! I needed a way to speak to others bilingually. It will also keep me inspired to learn spainish!


        I love this sooooooooooooooooooo much! I can't wait until the next podcast episode. This was genius!


        Is there a way to make the video parts play on an app for iPhone? The podcast app just plays the audio but I like to see the words on screen also to improve reading and listening


        Are there video on the webversion?
        I thought the[se] podcasts were only audio (+ transcript on the webpage).


        Love this feature. Following along with the transcript is super helpful


        How can i find a conversation partner who can help me practice Spanish? I am on Duolingo level 13


        I listened to the first episode, and it's really good! Thank you for making this!


        I have just listened to the 4th podcast (the one about China). I liked the new feature of showing the transcript in a video window -- less scrolling. However, because this an image and not text, I cannot as easily copy out the vocabulary that I want to review later. Also, in this podcast, the Spanish was spoken very slowly. At my level of understanding, this does help but I think I would be better off with faster audio, even if I struggle.


        Hi Indalmmega,

        Each episode contains audio, video subtitles, and text transcripts. If you go to https://podcast.duolingo.com/episode-4-una-chilena-en-china-cc355caadfba, keep scrolling down the page and you will find the text transcripts. :)


        A little slow for me, but I love the stories! I follow some other Spanish podcasts that are a little over my head, but it forces me to listen better.


        Gracious Duolingo team.


        The Duolingo podcast program is excellent! I am using a four-step method for each episode to increase my comprehension.

        1. I listen to the podcast episode with out aids.
        2. I read the full transcript.
        3. I listen to the podcast a second time while reading the transcript simultaneously.
        4. I listen for the third time without the transcript.

        And these stories are pretty entertaining as well. Nice job Duolingo!


        This is the best thing ever - I love that it is spoken at rate that allows for the listener to hear and comprehend and also the narrators voice is just very engaging. I hope these stories continue - I learn more each time I re-listen.


        IHeart Radio also has it. I'm subscribed on IHeart, Google Play & ITunes. And I download the website transcripts to offline Chrome files.

        I always have the materials available for review or work in progress.



        First of all the podcasts are great. I have listened to them many times so that I can increase my understanding of what's being said. Now maybe this shows my lack of understanding but it's never mentioned in the first podcast what book Belen read that she was so immersed in? Any way to find out?


        I love the first stories. And I'd like to record one of those myself in Spanish. Perhaps you guys can organize it with basic guidelines so that native speakers can record their own contributions and you choose the best.


        Fantastic podcast! When does the next season start?


        I’ve listened to all the episodes now, within a week! I felt they were well put together and easy to learn from. The stories were engaging as well. Unfortunately, it looks like there are no episodes past January, and it is already April. I hope this is not the end of the podcast, as it has been great for learning.


        Out of curiosity, does anyone know why there have not been any more Spanish Duolingo Podcast since January? I really enjoyed them and have eagerly been waiting for more.


        There is a new season each year, but only about 10 episodes, so in general you have to wait. (Just like TV!) New season starts in August though.


        Please do this for French too!!


        When I try to listen to this on Google Play Music from Japan, it doesn't show up. Other than a VPN, is there any way to make it available?


        I am enjoying listening to the podcasts, although there is much I don't understand as I am just beginning. Do you have any accompanying vocabulary lists for the podcasts? I think it would help me with the story if I could preview some of the words specific to each story.


        Hi Cyndi, There is a transcript: https://podcast.duolingo.com/

        There are videos on Vimeo. https://vimeo.com/246224922



        I hope that these help you.


        When will the podcasts for French come ?


        My husband's family escaped El Salvador during a time of great unrest 40 years ago. The story would make a great podcast. Is there a place to submit podcast story ideas?


        My husband's family escaped El Salvador during a time of great unrest 40 years ago. The story would make a great podcast. Is there a place to submit podcast story ideas?


        Is, or will this be available to radio broadcasters for terrestrial and or online streaming? This would be great for local community radio and or college stations to play.


        I've never used podcast. Is there a cost? How do I use it?


        There is no cost. You can find it all on http://podcast.duolingo.com, complete with transcripts...


        I love that it's accessible in different forms! :) Also thank you for linking them Elisabeth!


        @duolingo, can you do this for french and italian!? This would be very helpful!


        This podcast has been invaluable for my listening comprehension! When will the new season be released? I've already binge listened to all of the episodes thus far.


        New season starts the first week of August!


        Android auto now refuses to play the Spanish podcast, instead it only finds and plays the French podcast. I tried to find the podcast in the Google podcast app to download it and had the same problem: only Duolingo French shows up even when searching for just Spanish. It's possible to find the podcast on the website and use Google podcast to play it when not using Android auto, but when in the car those results aren't visible and you are back to French only.


        thanks I love that idea


        How do I access the podcasts from my Duolingo app? I don't have such option on the app and when I access podcast from the website, I have to listen to the advertisement.


        If you have iPhone, iPad search for the Duolingo in Podcasts App, not in the Duolingo app. It is also on Spotify and Stitcher apps as far as I can see.


        just started the podcast. loving it. Where is the Supplement Material for Podcast? It includes questions about the story and vocabulary words to look up before listening to the podcast. I located it once but can't do it for the other podcast. help. it was really useful


        Thank you all for sharing information about updates on Duolingo Spanish Podcasts.


        I like these, but find the background sounds make it difficult to hear. Could you consider minimising the background sounds during the Spanish speech, or making available a version without the added background sounds?


        How can i cancel my subscription to Duolingo Podcasts? I subscribed accidentally today.


        I just don't understand how the podcast works. The English narration doesn't seem to coincide with any of the Spanish story telling going on. Why? What good is having an English story with no Spanish translation? I've tried several and none match up.


        The host, Martina Castro, explains it EVERY episode. The Spanish speaker is telling his or her personal story. Martina tells you something else about the story in English.

        I feel they are good for listening practice, as each speaker has a different accent and style of speaking, most speak at a reasonable pace. But the vocabulary is intermediate level, so you can try to follow it, maybe learn some new words.

        There is a transcript on the website it you prefer to read and listen at the same time. https://podcast.duolingo.com/spanish

        I like to listen a few times without the transcript to get acquainted with the speaker's rhythm. Then I try to repeat what the speaker is saying as they are saying it. This is easy in one's native language, but a challenge in the target language!

        I hope you give the podcasts another try! Best wishes.


        The podcast and the stories sound like a great addition to your offering. When will you expand this feature to include Italian?


        may I have a link for downloading pod cast transcripts for Android please


        How do I access podcast transcripts?


        there is so much content on the podcasts. Is there any order to them or you just start anywhere?


        Since they are all Intermediate Spanish, you can start anywhere. Each season does have a theme. If you go to the list it tells you what the titles are a quick summary of the episodes. Only one year was it necessary to listen in order as it was a 6 session serial. At the beginning of each season they have a "preview" of about 10 minutes describing what will be coming during that year. New season starts the first week of August!


        Hi, listening to the podcasts help me keep up my Spanish since I've moved back to the US from Latin America. I have a couple of ideas of true stories about people in Peru that I'd like to pass along to the podcast team, but not sure how to do so. I can't seem to find it in the FAQs. Thanks and keep up the good work.


        At the end of recent podcasts, they give WhatsApp contact details. Maybe that would work?


        Thanks Miss_Pasko, for the suggestion. I guess I have to break down and get WhatsApp. A lot of my overseas friends use it, but I haven't gotten it yet.


        I checked the recording, and Martina Castro also says there is an email address.

        podcast @ duolingo . com

        I hope they are interested in your suggestions and look forward to hearing them eventually!


        I listened to my first Spanish podcast. It was great. Just wondering, do we get XP for listening to podcasts?


        Hi Anne, I really enjoy the podcasts too. I like the fact that you can go back and listen to past episodes too. Unfortunately, we don't get XP for listening to podcasts, just good listening practice. Maybe down the road. Blessings, Susan


        Thanks for the reply, Susan34902.


        These podcasts are a great confidence booster. I really liked “The Book Hero.” I was able to understand most of it, based on the vocabulary I've learned so far, even though I'm only a beginner at day 165 with DuoLingo.


        I have listened to all the ones which allow me to earn points. Can you please add some more?


        How do you earn points? I just listen to them and didn't know about points.


        Lucky Spanish speakers. You get this, stories, (only other language supported is Portugeuse) and bots. (only other languges supported are French and German) If you are one of many Italian, Russian, or Dutch learners, getting this experimental stuff from Duolingo is very, very unlikely.


        I highly agree. Better 100 languages on one feature than 100 features for one language.

        • 1635

        You probably don't use it, but I'm pretty sure there are English bots as well.


        what do we want? bots for android. when do we want them NOW :)


        I don’t like how Spanish gets everything either... I’ve been waiting for French stories, and pretty soon, I’ll be waiting for Swedish stories. I care about the minorities that deserve these beautiful gifts!


        i guess it is because there are more people across the world studying Spanish than other languages. I wish I could get some of the features on my android device though.


        When are you coming out with podcasts in German?


        I think it would be helpful for there to be a transcription of the podcast as well. Sometimes you can get lost in the language, especially if you do not know it that well. For me, it has always been easier to read Spanish than to listen to it so if I could read along with the podcast it could help some people, including me, learn.


        I think it would be helpful for there to be a transcription of the podcast as well..

        Indeed and that's why Duolingo does provide a Transcript of each (and whole) podcasts. ;)

        Go to the Duo's page of the podcast (first link in the OP) and, from there, open each podcast's page. There the content of those pages is mainly (in terms of filling the page) the transcript.


        For spanish learners only? Shame


        One at a time, EliasPitts! :D This is a Labs feature that will be even easier to access under Duolingo Labs!

        EDIT: Now available via Labs :)


        Thanks for making it available that way. Simplifies things for me. Thanks!!!!


        They have to start with one language and to test if it's largely used before maybe (and hopefully) investing more time into creating, grabbing and maintaining podcasts for more languages.


        Although, this does seem like something that the volunteer course creators can do on their own right away if they wish... since this is all stuff that's being hosted offsite, we really wouldn't need special code other than the links to the podcast providers.

        I'd say just give the course creators guidelines to follow and let them decide for now.


        Writing, recording , and editing podcasts is a whole different skill set and requires different technology than building a Duolingo course, though.


        Yeah, I agree with annika_a. Creating a Duolingo course is completely different than creating a podcast.


        I agree. They had a question and answer session where they talked about how long it takes to produce just one podcast, due to investigating, interviews, reducing the language to intermediate level, recording, etc. It can take months! Grateful for what I can listen to.


        Well after you learned french, you can learn spanish with podcast but i think it's great


        This is, more or less, a Duolingo immersion. Don't compain.


        Did Duo agree to do that?


        I did not understand. Yes, I would like Duolingo to bring back the Immersion. But why contribute with money to this?


        I only wish Duolingo staff could proceed with things quickly. I get it that they roam in swanky offices and all but I have a gut feeling that these guys are really slow at their jobs. New developments comeby in 6 months or so. Courses take years and years and the labs thing on my german course is basically useless. It just has spanish. How much more effort would it take to add german content? Not a lot. German also has millions and millions of learners. Hire me if you need results in a single night. No kidding. And yeah, I know duolingo is free. I just think that this company can do much better (with me).



        While critical feedback can be a good way to stand out, insulting people is not the same thing. :)


        I only wish Duolingo staff could proceed with things quickly. [...] these guys are really slow at their jobs. [...] Courses take years and years

        Courses under construction are not created by staff...

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