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  5. I am getting cut off


I am getting cut off

When I do timed practice, I always get cut off when I miss something, I will be about 12 problems in, I will miss one, and it finishes even if my timer is still running. Is this a bug?

December 7, 2017



If your timer still has more than about 10 seconds it's a bug.

10 seconds can get used up in getting information from the server.

So it comes down to your judgement - do you think you have enough time left for the program to contact the website, mark you wrong, and move to the next question? If you think whatever time you had left could get used up doing all that, it's not a bug. If you think it has enough time for all that, then it could well be a bug.


This happens to me about once per day. I shut down the browser then bring DL back up , which establishes a new connection. This takes care of the problem 95% of the time.


I don't think it is a bug. I think that it is just the way that the timer is set up. You might be supposed to see how many you can get right in a certain amount of time.


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