"Is she talking about that lunch again?"

Translation:Zase mluví o tom obědě?

December 7, 2017

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why is "Mluví o tom obědě znovu?" incorrect?


It is just unnatural word order, "znovu" is OK.


Opět mluví o tom obědě? - What is nuance with "opět" that is not fitting here instead of "zase"?


It is also correct, it was just missing. I have added it now and the number of accepted answers to this exercise has grown to 2650!

FYI, "opět" is more formal than "zase" or "znovu".


OK, so, I "out-thought" myself with word order here figuring ZASE might be the stress so put, "O tamtom obede mluvi zase?" Unnatural? Impossible?


More likely the key element is WHAT he/she's talking about again -- That lunch is his favorite topic, he keeps mentioning it -- and again, he's talking about that lunch, instead of talking about something else.

Your version is not impossible, just uncommon. It's a bit better with "už" at the beginning, for some reason. And it sounds affected, dramatic, the voice melody would be quite intense, rising a lot at the end, "Už o tom obědě mluví zase?!!" with eyes rolling. :)

Also note that using "tamten" (tamtom here) makes it even stranger. This pronoun means you're pointing or looking at the lunch. Again, possible, but simply "tom" is a lot more likely here, since you're porbably referring to something abstract (the lunch he talks about), as opposed to concrete (that lunch over there).


Oh, I thought "tamhletom" was much more pointed a la "that thing right there" and tamtom and tom could just be seen as "that" without it being in front of your nose. Glad to know that.


Well, you're right, of course -- "tamhleten" is really "that one over there" ("Hle(ď) tam" = look there). And "tamten" is somewhere between "ten" and "tamhleten". It certainly doesn't have to be in front of your nose. It sounds a bit odd in this sentence though, I can't explain exactly why -- all I can say is that unless that lunch is visible to the speaker, "ten" would be the preferred choice.


So, last question (on this). In the LOCATIVE, Takovemhle means "like this" or "such as this" while a simple Takovem is "like that" or "such as that" with NO change in those specific demonstratives (?) when it comes to gender of subject? This is what I"m GLEANING from the exercises but I could very well be wrong.


"takový" (such as that) behaves just like any "-ý" adjective. So its nominative singular forms are "takový", "taková", "takové" based on gender. The locative singular forms are "takovém" (m.), "takové" (f.), "takovém" (n.) (just like you'd have "o mladém muži, o mladé ženě, o mladém děvčeti", for example. So just look at any normal adjective declension table. And adding "-hle" (or "-to") doesn't affect the forms, just shifts the meaning to "such as this".

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