the thing is that the achievements is on my profile and it make it look very bad and I do not konw how you get it off if there is even a way to do it

December 7, 2017


No achievement, however small, makes your profile looking bad! Learning a language takes time, so step by step, you're improving. It's the knowledge you're acquiring, not the numbers that count! :)

I think they meant the overview of the achievements is making the profile page look bad. At least, that's what I'm reading into it since I have them myself as well (@Ellis930361: it's an A/B test, not only new users get them), and the page DOES look bad!

You'd expect a profile page on a language-learning-site to be mainly about your language data (which languages, how many XP, which level etc) but that's only a small iframe (which you have to scroll), while the new "shields" for the achievements take up most of the page. I really wish I could get rid of them as well, not only for the messed-up layout of the profile, but also because they're really not that interesting in the first place!

Not to mention the location, bio description and streak of (other) people doesn't show up on the profile anymore since this particular update.... :(

There is no way to do it, unfortunately, sorry!

what they need is better achevements like: -complete your first lesson (get a lingot) -get ten lingots -buy something from the store -comment something helpful (get 3 lingots)

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