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Why did you start learning the language(s) you currently are?

So, this is just my own curiosity, because I've noticed a lot of people have different reasons. I'll start off with a few of my own:

Spanish: I take Spanish classes, so what better way to practice? I honestly don't practice, though...

Norwegian: This was just because I love the band Kaizers Orchestra and the singer Janove Ottesen's music so much.

Russian: This was one of those things where as a person who needs to be able to impress people to get a good job in the future, knowing Russian was a sort of reach.

German: My family is partially German, so of course I'd want to attempt the language!

Korean: My best friend is actually partially Korean so I thought I'd learn it with her.

Japanese, Polish, Danish, and French are basically just languages I decided would be useful to know.

December 7, 2017



French: I am moving to France when I finish university and because my boyfriend speaks French fluently. My mom and her sister both took French at University.

Romanian: I love the sound of this language, I'm intrigued by the culture and it's a fun challenge.

Japanese: I did 4 years of it in high school mostly because I really enjoyed the history of Japan and their culture. Annnd also kind of to defy my parents who thought I wouldn't be able to do it.

German: I am mostly German. My brother, his fiance and my father all know German so I decided to join the club.

I also am doing all of these because I plan to become a Translator / Interpreter. Annnd I just love languages. I love the challenge and the ability to understand someone who doesn't speak my native language. It's like a whole new world opens up to you and it's amazing.


I enjoy ordering a beer and food in Spanish.


Spanish because I lived in Peru for eight months and plan on going back French because I am Canadian and French is one of the national language Portuguese because it's beautiful and is important in South America German and Dutch because my blood is half German and half Dutch Greek and Hebrew because these are the original languages of the Bible


I'm being forced by my french teacher


The first language I've ever tried to learn was French. There was no reason as to why I wanted to learn it, since a language credit was a requirement at my high school. I just had to learn it. Plus, I didn't want to learn Chinese, Spanish, or German there, so French was my last option. However, I learned to love the language and I developed a goal in that language, which was to write French literature.

I won't dive into German because I actually have no interest in the language. At least, not anymore (however, I still can't bring myself to remove the course...).

I'm learning Romanian because I heard an actor speak it and I immediately fell in love with the language. I hope to be able to write literature in Romanian, too.

Japanese and Korean are languages I'm learning because of my love for their culture. I don't plan on doing much with them except being able to read literature or watch shows without subtitles. However, I am contemplating on writing Japanese and Korean literature in the future, but it may only be poetry.


I am learning Dutch, just cause I love to learn new languages after I started to learn Latin, and so I decided to take on the challenge of something that isn't an endings based language, as well as having some dutch folks around whom I can ask about whether or not I am pronouncing things correctly.


I started learning German in school because my family wanted me to learn an additional language besides the mandatory English and Swedish. I learned German for two years, hated it, switched to French, then realized German felt easier, and switched back to German and had lots of motivation to learn it.

Spanish is probably the language I want to learn the most at the moment. One of the most-spoken languages in the world and many Latin American countries appear interesting to me plus I've got some Spanish-speaking friends.

Now 13 years after I learned French, I finally have the interest to pick it up again. I'm not really that interested in the French culture but French seems like a useful language to know in Europe.

Portuguese is another language I would like to learn, very much for the same reasons as Spanish. Though I want to learn Spanish and French first because those two seem more useful for me.

[deactivated user]

    I used to enjoy yelling at people in gibberish German.

    Now i can do it in authentic German.


    Now i fit in Oktoberfest just fine.


    I am learning German because I was strongly attracted to it, Spanish because it is very useful where I live, and Irish because (even though it is hard for me) I like it.

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