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crying literally rn

Chinesse is so hard,I feel so sad!

December 7, 2017



You can get through it. Do not stress. Just go through the same lesson until you understand it. Write it down so you will not forget. Keep trying.


There is no need to cry. It is hard to learn virtually any foreign language, especially your first one. Yes, the writing system can be hard, but it is not impossible to learn. You can go at your own pace—no one is rushing you to learn all the basic hanzi in a week. Native Chinese speakers are here to help out.

Remember that learning a language brings many rewards in the end. It can open up the door to new acquaintances and friendships, bring opportunities to travel, and even improve your brain. But you still have to put in the effort to study and practice.

Good luck with your language journey—it will continue for as long as you want it to. :)


The Chinese course is not there yet in terms of quality. It's like, the contributors put a ton of work into it, but it's just not as useful / ready / functional as some of the other courses, for a variety of reasons that you can learn about by frequenting these forums...if you find it frustrating, maybe take six months or a year away, and then come back. In the meanwhile, maybe try other tools, apps, or courses?


If you need any help with Chinese, I'd be willing to help out!

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