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French Curriculum Keeps Repeating!!

I started at the first level of French and finally just got to Level 9. It has been so frustrating as every single lesson and level I move to has the same words and phrases! I am beginning to think there is something wrong with the program. Almost every activity is about a calm, rich man, eating an apple or orange, and the same variations of woman, man, child, girl, and boy. I keep doing the activities as fast as I can so I can level up, only to find that I have the exact same sentences and phrases and vocabulary again.

December 7, 2017



How far into the lesson tree are you? You can gain levels quickly by just strengthening a small numbers of lessons because levels are gained by earning XP. Your description of the words and phrases sound like if you were just on the Basic 1 - Food lessons.


Sounds like you are repeating the same unit. The content of a lesson such as "Food" or "Animals" won't change even if you level up.


Have you tried hitting the lesson circles instead of just practicing?


Well i have passed 2 check points and i hadn't encounted any repeating rich, calm or orange for since ages

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