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Timed Practice - View mistakes

It would be great if at the end of the Timed Practice we have the option to view our wrong answers and think on what we had mistaken. I know that this option is not needed in the Practice without timer because we could see our mistakes, but when we are under time pressure we do not have the time to think over what we had wrong.

March 16, 2013



We agree and we have it on our list of things to do :)


Still on the list after 5 years! You have a very long list?


It might help if the timer paused after you answered each question and didn't start again until you went to the next question. Then you could have as much time as you want to look at what you did wrong.


Great Idea Isaac! I think it would be great that the helter-skelter would be removed!


Indeed a very nice idea!!!


yes this is also frustrating me, not enough time. Then there is no benefit, if you can't check what you did wrong.


I agree because I always end up forfeiting my points and settling for 5 so that I have time to check. I doubt I could even do a Timed Practice in my mother tongue in the 2 minutes allotted...


I agree! 120 seconds, 20 questions. Six seconds each is not enough time as you say, even in your own language.


yes that would be awesome!!


Yes and please if the time is up let us finish the last sentence man, you should change these not the reward for testing out....

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