"We do not wear t-shirts here!"

Translation:Tady trika nenosíme!

December 7, 2017

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Is there a "rule" for why "tady" has to be in the first position in the sentence? I got it wrong because I put it in the middle ("Nenosíme tady trika.")

UPDATE - I just got this back again, and this time was correct with "Tady nenosíme trika."

Looks like DL wants "tady" first, and doesn't care about the order of the other two words...

Can someone confirm this? Thanks!


Nenosíme tady trika! is acceptable, but not really recommended. I've added it, though.


Thank you. This word order business is a nightmare! :-)


But what does "acceptable, but not recommended" mean? I don't think you should add an answer that is not entirely correct. I want to learn Czech the way it is spoken by real Czechs, not the possibilities that aren't recommended. I appreciate the explanations in the comments, because without them it is very difficult to discern between right and wrong.


it is correct. you should be aware czech is extremely flexible with the word order and uses it to express nuance of message (having to do with topicalization) invisible in written english.

duolingo only offers a binary choice, correct/incorrect, with nothing between. until that changes, we cannot do anything helpful.

your aim to learn what we real czechs speak cannot really be realized here. in addition to the insane w.o. flexibility, we also effectively have diglosia or code-switching, with a definable standard (taught here) and a nebulous non-standard, "common" czech almost everyone in bohemia speaks when not constrained by the situation.

pay attention to the final skill to appreciate at least some of the differences, and please make sure to speak in favor of having that opportunity to offset the purists whose panties are bundled in a knot over the horror of it.


one more: trika nenosíme tady?


That is very strange, you would have to strongly stress TADY when pronouncing and everynewould except a continuation ...ale tam. Not HERE but at some other specific place. Like if you have a specific room in your house for wearing t-shirts. We do not wear t-shirts inthe living room, but in the bed room.


Why isn't "Tady nenosime trika" incorrect


Tady nenosíme trika is accepted.

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