"Mais elle avait un accord avec eux."

Translation:But she had an agreement with them.

December 7, 2017



I've never read/heard anything about a liaison with "mais," and here the audio happened to pronounce the S. I know Duolingo's audio is not always perfect, sometimes pronouncing forbidden liaisons. Can anyone shed light on whether this liaison is allowed/mandatory?

January 2, 2019


I'm not an expert nor a francophone but it could be because there is a vowel spoken in the first letter of the next word "maiS Elle"... so if the liaison is not pronounced the words could sound combined. "maielle" .... Just a guess, i think french liaisons are subjective and circumstantial, but someone correct me if i'm wrong on this.

February 15, 2019


Why is "But she used to have an agreement with them" not accepted, and the correct thing says "But she she used to have an agreement with them.", saying that you didn't enter the second "she"?

July 14, 2018


I've never heard "eux" before... or maybe forgot about it if it was taught. Why is eux used here instead of "ils/elles".. and in what other cases can I use "eux"?

February 15, 2019
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