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Can someone please explain something to me?

I have noticed that in the Lingot store, there are special additions that you can make to your language tree, such as flirting.

All of my languages have this but one: Japanese. I'm not entirely sure, but I suspect that this is so due to Japanese still being in Beta. However, I do not want to jump to conclusions.

Could one of the staff or moderators please clarify this for me?

Thank you!

  • DarkLugia5
December 7, 2017



On the incubator page for the Japanese course, 10 months ago they posted that we'd be able to try out the following three skills "once the beta comes out":

  • National Holidays
  • Olympics
  • Subculture


However, instead of this, two of these were released as normal skills and "National Holidays" has vanished from the tree completely. The most recent official information we have about this is still that incubator post 10 months ago. No one has posted a correction to announce that we're not going to have those three bonus skills...

Duolingo is quite often pretty weird when it comes to communication skills... ^^;


Yep. I posted a discussion asking about that bonus skill two months ago, and still no reply, helpful or not. It would be amazing if some of the contributors came onto the forum occasionally to answer questions.


See, I didn't even know about that being in other languages. But I'd imagine that it's because it is in beta.


Hi DarkLugia5!

It's because only the original staff-made courses can have bonus skills. I'm not sure why that is though.


Hey! Thanks for letting me know!

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