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  5. "호텔 옆에 식당이 있어요."

"호텔 옆에 식당이 있어요."

Translation:There is a restaurant next to the hotel.

December 7, 2017



why isn't it possible to say "the restaurant is next to the hotel"?


Can someone answer this? This is also my question


Why isnt "there is a hotel next to tge restaurant" right. Is it word order? Cos hotel comes first so i assumed it was the subject.


2 signs: Notice that -이 is after 식당 making the restaurant the one doing the "being." The location marker 옆에 is also after 호탤 which means that the location is "next to the hotel." A little confusing since English cares about word order but Korean only cares about where particles are placed after nouns.


Because restaurant has the subject marker "이" attached to it which distinguishes it from the hotel.


Don't forget to look for the subject marking particle, in this case ~이 after 식당.


Why can't I say "beside" instead of "next to"


There are a lot of answers in this group that should be accepted but are not. I wonder if anyone has looked at this group yet. Or maybe there are just a lot of correct ways to word these answers


The hotel is next to the restaurant.

[deactivated user]

    it's the other way round because the location indicator is on hotel and the subject particle is on restaurant.

    [deactivated user]

      "the restaurant is by the hotel"

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