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  5. "Wir mögen Wein."

"Wir mögen Wein."

Translation:We like wine.

December 7, 2017



You and me both, lady


Collins German Concise Dictionary 5th addition states WOULD like is correct pg.229. I have used many other sources and this seems to be true.


I don't think it says that.

As far as I can see from the Amazon preview, it says

mögen […] vt, vi to like

not "would like".

It then gives several examples, some of which use conditional forms such as ich möchte… or möchtest du etwas essen? which it translates with the conditional form of "like", i.e. with "would like".

But Duo's sentence does not use the conditional form of the verb wir möchten; it uses the indicative wir mögen. So the translation is not conditional "we would like" but indicative "we like".

Or which part of the entry are you referring to when you say that "CGCD5 states WOULD like is correct pg.229"?

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