Akan Twi

though there isn't akan twi on duolingo there are many other websites you can go on to learn twi. in the mean while. like,, and others.

December 7, 2017


what do you mean are you ghanaian

Was this question supposed to be directed at me?

If you use the "reply" option below a post, things will be much easier to follow.

No, I'm not Ghanaian, but I have spent time there and and took a Twi class. Unfortunately, it taught very little. I would be pleased to learn more and am pleased to see there are more resources becoming available for doing so. Hopefully one day it'll make its way to Duolingo!

why don't you start just go to and press contribute to a course

B/c I know only a handful of words of Twi :)

why did you live in ghana

Thank you! Twi is one of the handful of languages I've taken formal classes for, but it's certainly the one I got the least out of, unfortunately.

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